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Description A real short mid to high power sport flier styled after an anti-tank weapon. It’s basically a big nose cone with just enough body to hold the fins. Available in both 29mm and 38mm, this review reflects a 38mm build. Additional Information Photo Gallery Build History 05/25/2008 – Purchased [ … ]


Description Additional Information Photo Gallery Build History 01/03/2009 – Purchased Public Missiles Matrix from Nocturnal Knight Rocketry for $75.00 (Retail – $98.95) Flights

AGM-256 Pitbull

Description AGM-256 Pit Bull: True Air Force like styling is sure to command attention on the flight line! This kit is also designed to fly on high impulse F and G motors for Pre-Cert flights and most H and I motors for Cert 1 flights. Pit Bull comes with a [ … ]