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Description Corporations of the future may be contracted to develop rockets to save the Earth from a wayward asteroid. The Matrix may never really save the world, but it is sure to grab the attention of everyone on the flight line! The Matrix comes complete with our exclusive Quantum Tube [ … ]


Description The 2.1″ dia. Callisto Rocket Kit stands 46″ tall and is great for Pre-Cert and Level 1 flights. Like all of our VHA Series kits, the Callisto is easy to build and easy to fly! Additional Information Diameter: 2.1 in. Height: 46 in. Weight: 25 oz. Motor Mount: 38mm [ … ]


Description A real short mid to high power sport flier styled after an anti-tank weapon. It’s basically a big nose cone with just enough body to hold the fins. Available in both 29mm and 38mm, this review reflects a 38mm build. Additional Information Photo Gallery Build History 05/25/2008 – Purchased [ … ]


Description Additional Information Photo Gallery Build History 01/03/2009 – Purchased Public Missiles Matrix from Nocturnal Knight Rocketry for $75.00 (Retail – $98.95) Flights

Black Brandt X

Description At 103″ tall it is Fully loaded with LOC-N-FIN and ring system.  2 payload sections to add an Electronics Bay, baffle system for zipperless design, 25′ of tubular nylon, 50″ parachute, and rail guides.  A double slotted tube for forward fin attachment makes a solid addition.  Additional Information Photo [ … ]

AGM-256 Pitbull

Description AGM-256 Pit Bull: True Air Force like styling is sure to command attention on the flight line! This kit is also designed to fly on high impulse F and G motors for Pre-Cert flights and most H and I motors for Cert 1 flights. Pit Bull comes with a [ … ]