Pit Bull


Public Missiles PML Flying Model Rocket Kit AGM-256 Pit Bull, a True Air Force-like styling, is sure to command attention on the flight line! This kit is designed to fly on high impulse F and G motors and most H and I motors for Cert 1 flights. Comes standard with a 38mm motor mount.

Additional Information

  • Length – 35″
  • Diameter – 2.6″
  • Weight – 29 oz.
  • Recovery – Parachute 30″ Nylon
  • Recommended Motors
    • Aerotech
      • I195J, I211W,I284W, I286R, I300T, I357T, 1366R, I435T, I350W, J420R, J570W
    • CTI
      • I205, I212SS, I285, I287SS, I350SS, I540WT, J330, J400SS
  • Parts List
    • Body Tube – Quantium Tube pre-slotted
    • Boat Tail – Pre-slotted
    • Nose Cone
    • Main Fins -4 G10
    • Canard Fins – 4 G10
    • Piston Ejection Kit
      • Piston Body
      • Piston Strap
      • Wooden Slotted Bulk Plate
      • Metal “D” Ring
    • Parachute – 30 Nylon
    • Motor Mount Tube – 38mm
    • Notched Centering Ring
    • Nylon Shock Cord
    • Launch Lug – Metal 1/4″
    • Alignment Ring
    • Decals Sheet
    • Instructions Manual


Build History

  • 05/25/2008 – Purchased AGM-256 Pit Bull Public Missiles rocket on 5/25/2008 from Nocturnal Knight Rocketry for $80.00 (Retail – $89.95).
  • 01/29/2022 – Took pictures of package and components. Scanned instruction sheets and several components.
  • 01/30/2022 – Attached Motor retainer to aft end of motor mount. Epoxied motor mount ring to boat tail and epoxied all 4 through the wall fins onto the motor mount tube.
  • 01/31/2022 – Made an epoxy trail 1/2″ from forward end of motor mount tube and put centering ring with slot into it. Applied two epoxy fillets to fin/boat tail joints. Applied second set of epoxy fillets to 2 fin/boat tail joints. Applied the third set of epoxy fillets to 2 fin/boat tail joints. Applied fourth and final set of epoxy fillets to 2 fin/boat tail joints.
  • 02/01/2022 – Epoxied shock cord on motor mount through slot in centering ring. Spread epoxy over shock attached to motor mount to further secure it. Epoxied one canard fin to Quantum tube slot. Epoxied second canard fin to Quantum tube slot. Epoxied 3rd canard fin to Quantum tube slot. Epoxied 4th and final canard fin to Quantum tube slot.
  • 02/02/2022 – Epoxied Quantum tube to boat tail. Thread3ed shock cord through “D” ring and then epoxied short end of Shock Cord to bottom of slotted piston plate. Epoxied slotted disc 1/8″ inside forward end of piston tube.
  • 02/03/2022 – Epoxy second fillets to 2 canard fin/body tube joints. Applied third epoxy fillets to 2 fin/body tube joints. Added fourth and last epoxy fillet to last 2 canard fin/body tube joints. Attached a kwik-link to end of shock cord that will attach to “D” ring on top of piston disk. Tied another kwik-link approximately 1/3 from other end of shock cord for attachment of parachute and then tied nose cone to this end of shock cord.
  • 02/04/2022 – Marked launch lug line midway between two fins the lrngth of the body tube and 1″ from each end. Epoxied and filleted launch lugs.
  • 03/05/2022 – Spray painted entire model with Red Primer.
  • 04/15/2023 – Spray painted entire model with Rust-o-leum #328373 High Gloss White.
  • 04/16/2023 – Repaired broken fin by re-gluing with CA. Filleted fin slot with epoxy.
  • 08/16/2023 – Epoxied fin through body tube slot and onto motor mount tube.
  • 04/30/2024 – Spray painted fin joints with Rust-oleum #328373 High Gloss White.
  • 05/01/2024 – Puttied 2 fin joints. Sanded putty smooth. Added additional putty and smooth and with finger. Spray painted model with Rust-oleum #328373 High Gloss White.
  • 05/02/2024 – Applied self-adhesive decals using instructions as guide. This completes constructions of PML #AGM 256 Pit Bull model rocket. Took pictures of finished model.