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Super Neon XL

ESTES Model #2425 Description D and *E Engine powered at its finest! The Super Neon XL is one massive rocket standing OVER 3 feet tall and is sure to be a great addition to any rocket collection! A multi-tube fin design ensures superior flight and a one-of-a-kind look! What a [ … ]


Description Ansari X Prize Team: Scaled Composites, Mojave,California, USA. SpaceShipOne is the first private manned spaceship into Space and the ANSARI X PRIZE WINNER! It is a 1:30 scale version of Burt Rutan’s design. This Estes rocket duplicates the unique design of this ship and blasts to 400 feet into [ … ]


SQUIRREL WORKS Model #SW-019 Description Designed for performance, this rocket can easily exceed altitudes of 1500 feet. This easy to assemble, attractive, model kit features laser cut fins, decal and a metallic mylar streamer. Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History Flights –


SQUIRREL WORKS Model #SW-016 Description This little devil may be small, but it makes up for that in performance. We recommend the A8-5 engine for the first flight. It will soar nearly out of sight on the B engine and can scream to 1800 feet with the C engine. Additional [ … ]


SQUIRREL WORKS Model #SWSE-002 Description Basic three fins and a nose cone 18mm rocket. The kit was designed in celebration of their 1-year anniversary selling kits Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History Flights


FLIS KITS Model #SP005 Description This skill level 1 kit featuring laser cut fins and flying on 13mm motors will help build skills for more complex models. With two different fin shapes, the Over Drive presents different profiles from different angles. Ideal for small fields but capable of higher flights [ … ]


CUSTOM Model #10038 Description The Serin is a scale-like surface-to-air missile. It looks realistic on the launch pad and in the air. Easy to build and fly, it makes a great beginner kit. The kit features a blow molded plastic nose cone, die-cut balsa fins, 12″ parachute, precision water-slide decals, [ … ]