A real short mid to high power sport flier styled after an anti-tank weapon. It’s basically a big nose cone with just enough body to hold the fins. Available in both 29mm and 38mm, this review reflects a 38mm build.

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Build History

  • 05/25/2008 – Purchased Public Missiles MR-1 from Nocturnal Knight Rocketry for $60.00 (Retail – $69.95)
  • 06/28/2009 – Sanded aft end of motor mount tube to fit retainer. Marked forward end 1/2″ and drew a line around tube. Made a line where shock coed from piston will enter the forward centering ring. Epoxied forward centering ring to motor mount tube along the 1/2″ line leaving the space where the shock cord goes bare.
  • 06/29/2009 – Epoxied 4″ of shock cord through forward centering ring and onto motor mount tube. Roughed up areas where epoxy will go on body tube. Epoxied three fins through body tube slots and onto motor mount tube. Removed aft centering ring and motor retainer. Filleted outside fin joints with epoxy.
  • 06/30/2009 – Filleted inner fin joints with epoxy.
  • 07/01/2009 – Filleted remaining fin inner joints with epoxy.
  • 07/19/2009 – Epoxied transition section to top of main body tube.
  • 07/20/2009 – Epoxied bulk Head 1/8″ from edge of piston with 5-minute Epoxy. Formed a fillet with 5-minute Epoxy at the piston inside wall and bulk head joint. Epoxied the end of the nylon strap to the bulk head “D” ring on the top of the bulk head.








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