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The SMALL ENDEAVOUR is a really cool kit for Pre-Cert & Level 1 flights. This rocket stands 47.25″ tall, is 2.5″ diameter, and has a 3 (Split-fin) fin design. This rocket comes standard with a 38mm motor mount and can fly on G thru I motors. At ~35 oz., the 30″ parachute is sized right for the stock kit to make a safe landing under most field conditions. This kit comes standard with our exclusive Linear Rail Lugs for use with 80/20 brand launch rails. The stock airframe is ideal for flights up to approx. 0.85 Mach.

Additional Information

  • Length: 47.1″
  • Diameter: 2.5″
  • Recovery: 30″ Parachute
  • Recommended Motors:
    • G38BM, G40W, G80T, H55W, H70W
    • G54W, G64W, G75J, G104T
    • H97J, H128W, H180W, H220T, H238T, I200W
    • H73J, H112J, H123W, H140R, H242T
    • I154J, I161W, I195W, I218R,I357T


Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 01/11/2009 – Purchased Public Missiles Small Endeavour from Jason Backus as a completed rocket.


03/07/2010Sim’s FarmTRA1F36BSMaiden flight and Joe’s 1st CTI motor.
03/20/2010Sim’s FarmBS39G80-7First igniter fell out of motor and ignited on the ground. Had better luck the second time with a little more tape.
03/20/2010Sim’s FarmBS39F50Good Flight.
04/08/2012Sim’s FarmBS56H255-7Quick launch. Ripped off both launch lugs. Landed NW a long way from the launch area, repairable.
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