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Patriot 1/4 scale

Description This is Performance Rocketry 1/4 scale patriot missile with a 54mm motor mount and retainer system. Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 12/25/2008 – Purchased Performance Rocketry Patriot 1/4 Scale from Nocturnal Knight Rocketry for $109.00 (Retail $109.00) 04/20/2010 – Took pictures and measurement of components. Dry fitted [ … ]


Description The G3 is a bare-bones 3FNC dual-deploy kit with high-quality G10 fiberglass parts. Additional Information The kit comes with a gel coated 3:1 ogive fiberglass nose cone, two sections of 3″ G10 airframe tube (22″ long payload and 44″ long booster), 3 clipped-delta fins, a 12″ long 54mm motor [ … ]


Description This Performance Rocketry Econoline kit is short (33 inch) and fat (5 inch diameter) and made from all fiberglass. It is similar to a Fat Boy on steroids with a pointy nose cone. The kit is designed with the experienced builder in mind as there are no instructions included. [ … ]