This Performance Rocketry Econoline kit is short (33 inch) and fat (5 inch diameter) and made from all fiberglass. It is similar to a Fat Boy on steroids with a pointy nose cone. The kit is designed with the experienced builder in mind as there are no instructions included. Additionally, the only parts included are the basic airframe parts. The builder needs to add motor retention, rail/rod connection, and the entire recovery system (including connectors to the airframe), and insuring along the way that the completed kit is stable.

Additional Information

  • Length: 33″
  • Diameter: 5″
  • Weight: 48 oz.
  • Recovery: Parachute
  • Recommended Motors:
    • H, I, J, K


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Build History

  • 05/17/2008 – purchased Performance rocketry Gizmo from Nocturnal Knight Rocketry for $90.00 (Retail – $99.00). Opened package, made scans of fins, parts list, centering ring and bulkhead.
  • 05/19/2008 – Measured components and recorded on page 94 Book #3. Using 150 grit sandpaper, reamed the centering ring holes to fit over the motor mount tube. Mixed Hobby Lobby 30 minute epoxy and filleted the first centering ring joint.
  • 05/20/2008 – Took picture of centering ring/motor mount tube. Silleted the remaining centering ring joint with 30 minute epoxy.
  • 05/21/2008 – Cut aft end of fin grove in body tube to allow fin can to fit inside of body tube. Took pictures of slotted body tube can to fit inside of body tube.
  • 08/22/2008 – Shaped fin to fit motor mount tube and centering rings. Epoxied one side of 2 fin joints.
  • 05/23/2008 – Epoxied third fins joint. Slotted body tube from slot to end of body tube. Slide motor mount/fin assembly into body tube. Filleted centering ring and fin joints. Taped end slots with 1/2″ masking tape and filled with 30 minute epoxy. Filleted small area forward of fins. Simulated model and found it needs about 32 ounces of nose weight to become stable by one caliber. Cut a 3″ nose cone bulkhead out of G10 using Zip tool. Found out that was not good so enlarged 1/8″ hole to 1/4″, put eye hook into the hole and filed he edges.
  • 06/05/2008 – Spray painted twice with Krylon #1315 White Primer.
  • 02/25/2015 – Modified motor mount. Cut off extra length of bolt, removed toggle, replaced it with a flat washer, lock washer and nut. After tightening bolt, epoxied nut and washer to bolt and bolt head.
  • 03/07/2015 – Epoxied motor mount assembly into body tube. Drilled two 1/4″ holes into forward centering ring of motor mount. A 1/4″ x 3/4″ U bolt was screwed into each hole. Screwed a nut onto each thread and epoxied.
  • 03/10/2015 – Epoxied fins to motor mount tube through body tube slits. Filleted fin joints with epoxy.
  • 03/11/2015 – Filleted forward motor mount centering ring to body tube with epoxy.
  • 03/20/2015 – Drilled holes for launch buttons, applied epoxy into each hole and attached lunch buttons.
  • 04/12/2015 – Sanded body tube and painted entire rocket Metal Flake Silver after masking rail buttons. This completes construction of Performance Rocketry Gizmo High Power Rocket.


04/26/2015Sod FarmBS92J270 WShroud line broke on parachute and caused the fillets to pop out of the joints.
09/13/2015Sod FarmBS97J244
05/11/2018Sod FarmBS125I165Clouds prevailed for most of the day. The sun made an appearance for a few hours around noon time along with no winds.
08/24/2019Sod FarmBS126I165Clouds prevailed for most of the day. The sun made an appearance for a few hours around noon time along with no winds.






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