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Month: March 2021

Wart Hog

AEROTECH Model #89018 Description Not exactly an aerodynamic beauty, but it’s a lot of fun to build and fly. Wart-hog borrows design features from a number of missiles and research rockets to give a “special” look. Finish the way you see it here or use the multitude of decals to [ … ]


Model #89014 Description A detailed scale model of a sounding rocket used for scientific studies. If you’ve never built a scale model before, the Tomahawk is a great place to start. The blueprint that comes with the kit shows scale details and color patterns. This rocket turns in beautiful flights! [ … ]


AEROTECH Model #89024 Description For those who love to see a short, fat rocket with slow lift offs, the Sumo is it! A big four inch diameter kit with impressive decals, the SUMO really stands out! Additional Information Length: 39” Diameter: 4.0” Weight: 32oz Fins: 4 Recommended Motors: RMS Motors: [ … ]

Strong Arm

AEROTECH Model #89017 Description Styled after the real military Standard ARM missile, this rocket is a real attention grabber. Fins and strakes are molded plastic to make assembly easy and to give a great finish. Comes with lots of decals that give the Strong Arm just the right look. Additional [ … ]


Model #89010 Description The Mustang’s is sleek, high performance design produces great high speed flights that can go to 3,300 feet (1,010 m). Precision molded airfoils make it easy to obtain a beautiful finish. Sure beats shaping, filing, and sanding wood fins! Flies with ‘E’, ‘F’, and ‘G’ power. Additional [ … ]


AEROTECH Model #89019 Description Seeing is believing–not just a mirage–it’s a dream come true! This rocket is big! But don’t let its size scare you. Like all our rocket kits, Mirage is easy to build. The molded fins have more angles and planes than ever seen on a sport rocket. [ … ]