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ROCKET VISION Model #0018 Description Heavy duty rocket with phenolic body tube will take quite a bit of abuse. Rocket has a future, jet fighter type of appearance Additional Information Length: 22.5″ Diameter: 1.125″ Weight: 3.75 oz. Recovery: 10″ Nylon Parachute Recommended Motors: D12-7 Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 07/05/1999 [ … ]


ROCKET VISION Model #0003 Description A 24mm three fins and a nose cone with elliptical fins and a sturdy phenolic body tube rocket that will stand up to a lot of abuse. Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 07/05/1999 – Purchased Rocket Vision Spit-Fire from Rugged Rockets for $17.75 [ … ]


ROCKET VISION Model #0017 Description Rugged Rockets kits are heavy duty and well constructed. The body tube is phenolic and stand great stress. The nose cone is heavy and hard plastic. This rocket will last a long time.and withstand lots of flights. The ring fin gives this model a futuristic [ … ]


ROCKET VISION Model #0005 Description The Six-Pack follows the same pattern of all the Rugged-Rockets including a single thick, phenolic body tube, with a motor tube insert, a plastic nose cone, a Kevlar shockcord, 10″ parachute and protector. For fins the Six-Pack has six thick, phenolic tubes pre-cut at a [ … ]


ROCKET VISION Model #0001 Description The Mach-Buster by Rocket Vision. This High flying (virtually indestructible) rugged rocket will provide countless of hours of enjoyment. This rocket made from: Tough phenolic pre-slotted body tube. Through-the-wall fin mounting. Kevlar shock line. Additional Information Length: 13″ Diameter: 1.2″ Weight: 1 lb. Recovery: 12″ [ … ]


ROCKET VISION Model #0006 Description Ruggedly constructed five fiberglass finned phenolic body tube 24mm model rocket that will withstand extreme abuse. Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History Flights