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ESTES Model #2206 Description Standing taller than the Statue of Liberty and with more thrust than the mighty Saturn V, the NASA SLS (Space Launch System) is ready to take humanity back to the moon and on to Mars! This highly detailed scale model comes pre-finished and ready to launch. [ … ]


ESTES Model # 9720 Description During the mid-1950’s, the public concerns over nuclear fallout due to US and Russian testing was reaching a fevered pitch. To that end, President Eisenhower announced to the US on August 22, 1958, the US would ban further nuclear testing on or before October 31 [ … ]

Generic E2X

ESTES Model #2008 Description How much more generic can you get than an all white rocket! Decorate it with the self stick decals included or your own markers. Tear down the barriers to creativity with the Generic E2X rocket. This all white rocket can be individually customized with the foil [ … ]


ESTES Model #7288 Description Additional Information Length: 25.3″ Diameter: 1.33″ Altitude: 500′ Recovery: 15″ Parachute Recommended Motors: C6-3 Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 01/28/2020 – Purchased Estes Solo from Hobby Lobby in Columbus, IN for $8.39 (Retail $13.99). 02/20/2020 – Took pictures of package and components. Scanned components. Measured 1-1/2″ [ … ]


ESTES Model #7293 Description Combine your creativity and cleverness for buckets of soaring fun with Olympus Flying Model Rocket Kit. This easy-to-assemble rocket requires just a few materials before blast off and will certainly ensnare the minds of youngsters and adults alike. With just a few small materials, this rocket [ … ]


ESTES Model #7294 Description Use Vapor Model Rocket Kit to soar into a fun activity with your pals! This fantastic rocket is for an advanced skill set, so be sure to read the instructions for what glues, paint, and other equipment are necessary. There are two sets of decals to [ … ]


ESTES Model #0661 Description Push yourself to the limit with ESAM-58 Model Rocket Kit! This kit provides an advanced model with the same thrill of building and flying your own long range rocket. With a soaring range of eight hundred feet, the fun is only one build away from blasting [ … ]

Hex 3

ESTES Model #7263 Description A unique pre-printed folded paper design! You will love it! Definitely a first for Estes, the Hex-3 is going to challenge your building skills just a bit! While it might be small, don’t be fooled! UNIQUE folded paper construction is your challenge here. Not to worry [ … ]


ESTES Model #7235 Description The Odyssey is a “gotta have” rocket! Well worth the time it will take to build, the Odyssey will blast off the launch pad and reach heights of over 900 feet when powered by a D12-5 engine. Additional Information Length: 22.7″ Diameter: 1.33″ Weight: 5 oz. [ … ]