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Month: March 2023


SEMROC Model #KA-1 Description This is a very light, quick build kit from Semroc that is essentially a 3FNC but with some head snappin’ zip when matched with the right engine! Additional Information Length: 14.7″ Diameter: 0.543″ Weight: 0.3″ Fin Span: 3.3″ Fins: Laser Cut Balsa Nose Cone: Balsa Decals: [ … ]

1/70 Apollo Capsule

SEMROC Model #KS-2 Description Replica of Apollo Capsule. Additional Information Length: 6.6″ Diameter: 2.175″ Weight: 0.4 oz. Fin Span: 2.176″ Nose Cone: Balsa Recovery: 12″ Parachute Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 03/11/2006 – Purchased Semroc Apollo Capsule from Semroc for $10.00 (Retail $11.00). 02/22/2014 – Donated to BlueGrass 10th Anniversary [ … ]


SEMROC Model #KV-53 Description The Batrok was introduced in 1967 by Centuri Engineering Company in their American Rocketeer. It was designed by Ron Maggiano while he was a high school student in Scottsdale, Arizona. Inspired by the hit television series Batman which premiered in 1966, Ron entered his original design [ … ]


Semroc Model #KV-7 Description The Centuri Arcon was first released in 1962 as a 1/8 scale model. This early version used a ST-7 body tube and was 16″ tall. The model was the Centuri $KB-2 with a price of $1.50 and was sold from 1962 through 1964. In 1965, the [ … ]

Lune R-1

SEMROC Model #KV-35 Description Great sport rocket! The LUNE R-1 is easy to build and fun to fly. This kit features simplicity in construction, parachute recovery, and streamlined design. Capable of carrying small payloads in payload section. An ideal demonstration model, impressive in flight and recovery with large colorful chute. [ … ]


SEMROC Model #KV-16 Description The Semroc Javelin is an 18mm minimum diameter kit based on a 1965 Centuri design that is easy to build and flies great. The kit includes: ST-790 body tube Balsa nose cone 4 Balsa laser-cut fins Thrust ring 12″ plastic chute Kevlar/elastic shock cord combo Waterslide [ … ]


SEMROC Model #KA-3 Description This is another one of Semroc’s “retro-repro” offerings–a modern-day release of a classic style rocket, this single stage kit is a nice project for the slightly experienced builder. 2 ST-809 body tubes Tube coupler 18mm motor mount assembly Balsa nose cone Laser-cut balsa fins 12″ plastic [ … ]

X-Wing Maxi

NCR Model #3540 Description This kit is a maxi of the the star wars X-wing fighter with flies on an F or G motor. This is a heavy model that requires the larger parachute supplied with the kit so if the recovery system fails it will cause damage to the [ … ]

ISQY Tomahawk

AEROTECH Model #89013 Description If you have never built a scale model before, the Tomahawk makes the perfect first project. Loaded with striking detail and E, F, and G power capable, this is one scale model that flies like a real sounding rocket Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History [ … ]

Initator Start RMS Kit

AEROTECH Model #89002 Description The Initiator Systems Package is your basic introduction to big hobby rocketry. This comprehensive kit contains everything necessary to fly the big stuff! The starter kit includes the Initiator rocket kit, Mantis launch pad kit, Interlock launch controller kit and complete easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. The portable [ … ]