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Freedom (2)

CUSTOM Model #10024 Description Patriotic kit! Easy to build and fly; makes a great beginner kit. Features injection-molded plastic nose cone, laser-cut balsa fins, and 12” parachute recovery. Self-adhesive decals and quick-release engine mount. Flights of over 1,000 feet are possible with a C6-7 motor. Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery [ … ]


BMS Model #MRK.IX Description The Viking 1 is an advanced design model rocket. A new and superior type of aerodynamic stability is used which permits maximum stability with minimum drag. This lower drag results in greater altitudes than has been possible from flat fin conventional designs. Be a winner with [ … ]


QUEST Model #1504 Description Bright, bold and rugged, the Astra III is one of our best selling rockets. Part of our QUICK KIT family it features a unique all molded plastic fin can assembly. It is a great kit with a one-piece molded fin unit. It requires a little more [ … ]


Quest Model # 1500 Additional Information Description The easy to build Quest Novia model rocket is an all-time favorite for hard-core rocket aficionados! It’s a true 3-fin, nose cone and body tube model. Instructions Photo Gallery Build History Flights


Hulverson Design Model #HD12000 Description Description This skill level 1 rocket is part of Hulverson Design’s “Boost Glider Series.” Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History Flights Date Location # Motor Comments


Estes Model #3033 Additional Information Description This skill level 1 rocket is part of Estes’s “Classic Series.” It is based on an original Centuri design. Unique spin action created by the laser cut fins flies up to 1,100 feet. Instructions Photo Gallery Build History Flights Date Location # Motor Comments

Lunar Scout

Estes #7290 Description Estes #7290 Lunar Scout is an intermediate model rocket kit that is recovered via featherweight therefore no recovery device like a streamer or parachute is required. The kit flies on 13mm motors to a height of about 200′. This moon probe kit is a challenge to build [ … ]

Minie Magg (2)

PK-68 LOC Description The newly revised Minie Magg contains LOC-N-FIN construction, pre-slotted airframe tubing, plywood fins & centering rings, plastic nose cone, and a 36″ nylon parachute. This is a great entry model into the high power models and is ideally suited for L1 certification flights. Additional Information Height: 37.0″ [ … ]