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Galactic Wave

Sunward Model 00 017 Description Futuristic spaceship styling, complete with laser cannons. It flies on 18mm motors and recovers on 18″ parachute. Additional Information Length – 22″ Wingspan – 9″ Recommended Motors: B6-2, C6-3 Parts List: BT-56 Main Body Tube BT-50 Side Body Tubes BT-80 Tube Coupler 1/8″ Launch Lugs [ … ]


Sunward 00 004 Description This skill level 2 model rocket has a unique fin structure and makes this a different kind of model rocket. This kit was obtained from Wildman’s for $11.40. Balsa fins are laser cut. Additional Information Length: 24.5″ Diameter: 1.3″ Recovery: 18″ Parachute Recommended Motors: B6-2, B6-4, [ … ]

Eggstravaganza 18

ASP KEGGP-18 Description The Egg lofter features an aerodynamic & lightweight clear plastic egg cone, Kevlar and elastic shock cord, and laser cut G-10 fins. The tapered silver shroud reduces drag while giving plenty of room for the parachute. The egg cone has a section in the base that will [ … ]


Edmonds Description The Edmonds Ecee is the most elegant 13mm glider on the market. No booster pods, no parachutes, and no streamers. It ascends slowly to the skies and gently settles into a lazy glide back to Earth. To function as a rocket and glider, the aerodynamic of the model [ … ]

Gold Strike

Estes Model #2430 Description Estes Gold Strike is a series E2X model rocket that comes with the bonus Silver Strike model rocket. This kit is easy to assemble. A nice looking durable model for flight after flight. Additional Information Length: 18.75″ Diameter: 1.33″ Recovery: 12″ Parachute Altitude: 725′ Weight: 2.17oz. [ … ]


Estes Model #9712 Description Estes Pro Series II in a generic bag with no picture card. Product packaged in plastic bag with parts and instructions only. No promotional items included. Kits was made from remaining Leviathan parts including four fins when only three are required for kit construction Additional Information [ … ]

SLS Scorpion

SEMROC Model #KV-18 Description The Centuri Scorpion Space Probe was introduced in the 1965 Catalog as a member of the Centuri Large Scale Series. It was shipped with 3 Atlas End Burning E impulse engines. It was originally released as Centuri #KF-6 and was shipped via Express since it included [ … ]

Texas Firefly

SEMROC Model #KA-8 Description The Semroc Texas Firefly is a beautiful 175% upscale of the Semroc Firefly and is a Retro-Repro clone of the original Centuri Firefly 2-stage rocket. Combining elegance with a beautiful simplicity of line, the Texas Firefly flies wonderfully on standard 18mm black powder motors with a [ … ]


SEMROC Model #KV-7 Description The Centuri Arcon was first released in the 1962 catalog as a 1/8 scale model. This early version used the ST-7 body tube and was 16″ tall. This model was the Centuri #KB-2 with a price of $1.50 and was sold from 1962 through 1964. In [ … ]