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Saturn V

Model #1969 Description Additional Information Length: 21.8″ Diameter: 1.98″ Weight: 5 oz. Fins: Plastic Altitude: 200′ Recovery: 18″ Parachute Recommended Motor: C6-3 Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 12/26/2002 – Took pictures of box and contents. Scanned in a bunch of stuff. 12/27/2002 – Inventoried parts and found all parts were [ … ]


Model #5732 Description The Quest Ruthless Launch Set comes with a ready to fly rocket, three A6-4 motors, launch controller, and launch pad. Additional Information Length: 18″ Altitude: 1200′ Recommended Motors: A6-4, B6-4, C6-7 Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 06/16/2007 – Purchased Quest Ruthless Starter Set from Hobby Lobby in [ … ]

Rocket #5

Scratch Build Description Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History Flights Date Location # Motor Comments 11/13/2010 ADC Park BS45 D12-5 Broke a fin.

Renegade Starter Set

Model #5771 Description Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 04/30/1998 – Kit was purchased by mom and Todd from Sams in West Monroe, LA for $9.99. The kit includes one Renegade rocket pre-built and ready to fly, one launch controller that requires a 9V alkaline battery and a launch [ … ]


Model #2109 Description Going staged is awesome. Witness a magnificent lift off with the Renegade. It’s over two feet tall and can be launched as a single or two stage rocket. Additional Information Length: 23.6″ Diameter: 1.637″ Weight: 4.3 oz. Fins: Die cut balsa Altitude: 850′ Recovery: 12″ Parachute Recommended [ … ]


Model # Additional Information Length: 15.75″ Diameter: 0.98″ Weight: 1.57 oz. Ready to Fly Recommended Motors: A6-4, B6-4, C6-5 Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 05/20/2000 – Purchased Quest Recoil Starter Set from K*B Toy Liquidators in Edinburg, IN for $7.49 (Retail $19.99) This model rocket kit is Ready to fly [ … ]

Ranger 24mm

Model #K-6 Description Lift those Big payloads off the pad with the powerful Astron Ranger. Perfect for launching and recovering those special instruments and specimens. Additional Information Length: 22.125″ Diameter: 1.325″ Weight: 1.6 oz. Recommended Motors: D12-5, D12-7 Instructions Photo Gallery Build History No build history is available for this [ … ]


Model #2062 Description Simple level 1 kit from Estes Well, this was easy to build. They’re not kidding when they mean level 1. The motor tube is encased in a plastic cage that acts as centering rings and fin alignment anchors all in one. Additional Information Length: 19.5″ Diameter: 1″ [ … ]


Model #7241 Description An 8 inch diameter spinning rocket! Futuristic and sci-fi! Low altitude flights for assured recovery! When a “unique recovery” rocket like this hits the market, the crowd goes wild! And this is a crowd pleaser for sure! Quin, as in five, precision laser cut wood pieces build [ … ]

Quad Runner

Model #5016 Description Smoke and fire! With a cluster of four rocket motors, the Quest Quad Runner is a smoke spewing rocket that will set your inner spirit free. Along with the dense column of smoke, the four engines belch forth a thunderous roar that will turn heads at any [ … ]