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Hydra VII

Description The Semroc Hydra VII was designed in 1969 to be a high performance large cluster payload rocket. Named after a multi-headed monster in Greek mythology, the Hydra was a monster of a rocket with seven C engines. The Retro-Repo Hydra VII was updated by using laser cut balsa fins [ … ]


Description The Goliath was designed to be an entry level cluster payload rocket. The Goliath was inspired by the early Estes Ranger kit. The retro Goliath was updated to using laser cut balsa fins and Kevlar shock cord attachment. The design of the Goliath provides many different possibilities of engine [ … ]

Golden Scout

Description The original Scout was designed by Vern Estes, and was awarded a patent in 1960 for achieving tumble recovery via a shifting CG. The motor slides back via the ejection charge. This became catalog # K-1 and is among the most beloved nostalgic designs. In celebration of the 50th [ … ]


Description The Semroc Texas Firefly is a beautiful 175% upscale of the Semroc Firefly and is a Retro-Repro clone of the original Centuri Firefly 2-stage rocket. Combining elegance with a beautiful simplicity of line, the Texas Firefly flies wonderfully on standard 18mm black powder motors with a unique gap-staging design [ … ]


Desciption The BatRok is a Semroc Retro Repro series kit that is an updated version of the Centuri BatRok kit KB-8 from 1967. The original design was inspired by the original Batman television series and also includes a payload bay. Additional Information Length: 12.00″ Diameter: 0.759″ Weight: 0.60 oz. Recovery: [ … ]

Astrobee 350

Description The Astrobee 350 was a true scale design based on a 50 foot tall sounding rocket. The new design incorporated some ribs like the Aerobee-Hi. It was an excellent beginner kit, sharing many parts with the later Astro-1. The Astrobee-350 was based on the early Centuri Astrobee 350 and [ … ]


Description The Astro-1 was initially releade by Centuri in 1969. It was one of the first model rocket kits to incorporate the quick-Change engine mount. The Astro-1 was updated by replacing the di-cut fins with precision laser-cut fins. The original rubber shock cord was replaced with an elastic cord and [ … ]

Astro Jr

Description The Astro-Jr was one of the first model rocket kits to incorporate the “Quick-Change” engine mount that became a standard in model rocketry.Designed to be an excellent beginner’s kit, the Astro-Jr became the first rocket for thousands of new model rocketeers.The “rake-back” fins were so different that many were [ … ]


Description Additional Information Length: 23.0″ Diameter: 1.04″ Weight: 1.9 oz. Recovery: Parachute Fin Span 3.9″ Recommended Engines: Upper Stage: A8-5, B6-6, C6-7 Booster Stage: A8-0, B6-0, C6-0 Photo Gallery Build History 10/27/2004 – Purchased Semroc Arcon from Semroc for $11.50 (Retail $11.50) Flights

April Dancer

Description Additional Information Length: 16.6″ Diameter: 1.34″ Weight: 1.9 oz. Recovery: 12″ Parachute Decals: Waterslide Fins: Laser Cut Balsa Nose Cone: Precision Turned Balsa Photo Gallery Build History 07/30/2005 – Purchased Semroc April Dancer from Semroc at NARAM 47 for $13.50 (Retail $13.50) Flights