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SEMROC Model #KV-7 Description The Centuri Arcon was first released in the 1962 catalog as a 1/8 scale model. This early version used the ST-7 body tube and was 16″ tall. This model was the Centuri #KB-2 with a price of $1.50 and was sold from 1962 through 1964. In [ … ]

Space Ranger

SQUIRREL WORKS Model #SW-005 Description This rocket is a minimum diameter, 18mm, streamer recovery, futuristic space plane. Additional Information Length: 12.88″ Diameter: 0.74″ Weight: 0.5 oz. Fin: Balsa Nose Cone: Balsa Recovery: Streamer Recommended Motors A6-4, A8-5, B6-6, C6-7 Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 03/10/2004 – Purchased Squirrel Works Space [ … ]

Hang Time 18mm Parachute Duration Kit

ASP Model #KPD Description Parachute Duration Competition Additional Information Length: 14.5″ Diameter: 0.736″ Weight: 0.51 oz. Recovery: 24″ Parachute Recommended Motors: 1/2A6-2, A8-3, A6-4, B6-6, C6-7, C10-7, C10-10, D3-7 Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 08/27/2004 – Purchased ASP Parachute Duration Kit from ASP for $8.95 (Retail $8.95). Flights

Gamma Ray Payloader

QUEST model #2004 Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 09/05/2000 – Purchased Quest Gamma Ray Payloader from eHobbies for $5.94 (Retail $7.79). 01/17/2001 – Opened kit. Removed balsa fins from stock and sanded edges smooth. Glued end to adapter with plastic cement. Tied Kevlar to elastic cord. Marked yellow [ … ]

Micro Maxx Blackbird & Tomahawk

QUEST Model #5641 Description Ready-to-fly combo features micro versions of the classic SR-71 Blackbird and the SLCM Cruise Missile. Additional Information Tomahawk Length: 3.9″ Diameter: 0.43″ Altitude: 200′ Recovery: Streamer Recommended Motors: ⅛A0.3 NASA Blackbird Length: 4.8 Diameter: 0.28″ Altitude: 200′ Recovery: Streamer Recommended Motors: ⅛A0.3 Instructions Photo Gallery Build [ … ]

Mix & Match 60

ESTES Model #2007 Description The Estes Rockets Mix-N-Match 60 Model Rocket Pack is perfect for the beginner who wants to get their creatives juices running Recommended for Skill Beginner Level This kit includes 50 parts (BT60 size) to create up to three colorful rockets Recommended B6-2 (first flight), C6-3, C6-5 [ … ]

Partizon PS II

ESTES Model #9701 Description 29 mm motor mount! The Pro Series II line is up and running! The Partizon stands a massive 56 inches tall and can soar upwards of 1800 ft! Superb is what the Partizon is! Introduced in 2011, the Pro Series II line features “big boy” toys! [ … ]


ESTES Model #0802 Description This fun and easy to build itty-bitty rocket really scoots through the sky. Additional Information Length: 5.2″ Diameter: 0.54″ Weight: 0.1 oz. Recovery: Featherweight Recommended Motors: 1/4A3-3T, 1/2A3-4T, A3-4T, A10-3T Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 12/27/2013 – Purchased Estes Quark from Estes for $0.99 (Retail $6.59). [ … ]

Pro Series II E2X 29mm Booster

ESTES Model #9752 Description Additional Information 29mm Booster Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 12/25/2013 – Received this kit as a Christmas gift. 12/27/2013 – Epoxied two fins halved with Ducon 2 Ton Epoxy. Held fin together with spring clothes pins till cured. Marked and Epoxied centering ring to motor mount [ … ]

Mega Der Red Max

ESTES Model #9705 Description The Mega Der Red Max launches on composite motors, has through the wall fin mounting (with wood being laminated over plywood for superior strength) and our quick release motor retention system (also sold seperately), just like the other Pro Series II rockets. Though massive looking, the [ … ]