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Lunar Scout

Estes #7290 Description Estes #7290 Lunar Scout is an intermediate model rocket kit that is recovered via featherweight therefore no recovery device like a streamer or parachute is required. The kit flies on 13mm motors to a height of about 200′. This moon probe kit is a challenge to build [ … ]

Minie Magg (2)

PK-68 LOC Description The newly revised Minie Magg contains LOC-N-FIN construction, pre-slotted airframe tubing, plywood fins & centering rings, plastic nose cone, and a 36″ nylon parachute. This is a great entry model into the high power models and is ideally suited for L1 certification flights. Additional Information Height: 37.0″ [ … ]

Mega Baron

Squirrel Works #SW-020 Description Upscale version of our most popular kit, the Red Baron. Great for demonstrations with slow liftoff and dramatic glide recovery. Tabbed and slotted balsa parts in this model make for a quick, accurate build. Additional Information Length: 20.43″ Wing Span: 20.5″ Weight: 7.0 oz Recommended Motors [ … ]


Quest #1007 Description Quest’s Commander Flying Model Rocket, is a skill level 1 model which is easy to assembly and flies on 18mm motors. Recovery is by a 24″ streamer. A good first kit for the modeler. Its fin arrangement is what sets it apart from its relatives in the [ … ]


K14 BMS Clone Description High Performance parachute recovered rocket designed for both sport and competition flying. It combines high altitude capability with a large parachute capacity. Additional Information Length: 14.3″ Diameter: 0.98″ Weight: 1 oz. Recovery: 12″ Parachute 24″ Parachute Recommended Motors 1/4A.8-2, 1/2A.8-2, A.8-3, B.8-4, B3-5 Instructions Photo Gallery [ … ]

Astron Invader

Model K-15 Description Balsa Machining Services has cloned Estes Astron Invader. The Astron Invader is truly a unique boost-glider that gives top duration in flight after flight. Additional Information Length – 11.8″ Span – 8.7″ Diameter – 0.736″ Weight – 0.89 oz Recommended Motors 1/2A8-2, A8-3, B8-2 Parts List Body [ … ]

Pit Bull

Description Public Missiles PML Flying Model Rocket Kit AGM-256 Pit Bull, a True Air Force-like styling, is sure to command attention on the flight line! This kit is designed to fly on high impulse F and G motors and most H and I motors for Cert 1 flights. Comes standard [ … ]


Estes #7308 Description Ever wonder what the view is like from 900 feet high? Well, wonder no more! The Estes Astrocam Flying Model Rocket Kit allows you to capture audio and video from a rocket in flight. It’s so clear and realistic. It’s almost like being there. Additional Information Length [ … ]

Galactic Wave

Sunward Model 00 017 Description Futuristic spaceship styling, complete with laser cannons. It flies on 18mm motors and recovers on 18″ parachute. Additional Information Length – 22″ Wingspan – 9″ Recommended Motors: B6-2, C6-3 Parts List: BT-56 Main Body Tube BT-50 Side Body Tubes BT-80 Tube Coupler 1/8″ Launch Lugs [ … ]


Sunward 00 004 Description This skill level 2 model rocket has a unique fin structure and makes this a different kind of model rocket. Balsa fins are laser cut. Additional Information Length: 24.5″ Diameter: 1.3″ Recovery: 18″ Parachute Recommended Motors: B6-2, B6-4, C5-3, C6-5, C6-7 Parts List Body Tube – [ … ]