V2 – 24mm

ASP Model #KV2-24


The V-2 is the most famous rocket ever built. Designed by Werner von Braun for the Nazi war effort during WWII, the V-2 was the world’s first large liquid fueled rocket. Originally designated the A-4, thousands were built by prisoners during the early 1940’s. After the war, many captured V-2s were flown by the U.S. as well as the Soviet Union. Despite its’ horrific inception as a weapon of destruction, the V-2 was the forerunner of all the large liquid fuel rockets which were to follow.

Featuring a balsa boattail, balsa nose cone and laser-cut basswood fins, this 14 1/4″ tall model is true to scale and flies on standard 24mm motors.

Additional Information

  • Length: 14.125″
  • Diameter: 1.637″
  • Weight: 3.7″
  • Scale: 1:40
  • Recovery: 15″ Parachute
  • Recommended Motors:
    • C11-3, D12-5, E15-7, E20-7, E30-7,


Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 05/15/2018 – Purchased ASP V2 18mm from ASP for $26.00 (Retail $26.00).
  • 05/19/2018 – Took pictures of package and components.
  • 03/27/2020 – Cut out tube marking guide, boattail marking guide, and removed fins from fin sheet.
  • 03/28/2020 – Make 4 mL of 2-ton epoxy and epoxied the weigh into the nose cone. Put glue into nose cone recess formed by the screw hook/ply wood circle unit. Tied Kevlar cord to shock cord and centering ring. Sanded leading and trailing fin edges. Glued boattail to body tube aft. Using boattail marking guide marked boattail.
  • 03/29/2020 – Glued fins to boattail and body tube reference lines. Filleted joints. Glued launch lug 1/2″ above boattail on launch lug reference line.
  • 03/30/2020 – Filleted joints.
  • 03/31/2020 – Cut pull out plug & Turbine exhaust from 1/8″ wood strip. Started shaping pieces.
  • 04/02/2020 – Assembled 15″ mylar parachute and attached snap swivel to shroud lines.
  • 01/02/2021 – Repaired fin by re-gluing it back on to body tube and boattail.
  • 10/28/2023 – Masked model so 3 fin surfaces can be painted.
  • 11/02/2023 – Spray painted 3 fin surfaces with Rust-oleum # 328374 High Gloss Black. Removed masking.
  • 11/14/2023 – Hand painted fin areas in aft boat tail section with Pactra #A1 Gloss Black Acrylic Enamel water soluble paint.
  • 11/15/2023 – Masked model. Hand painted one section of body tube with Pactra #A1 Gloss Black Acrylic water soluble paint.
  • 11/16/2023 – Hand painted 2nd section of body tube with Pactra #A1 Gloss Black Acrylic water soluble paint. Removed masking.
  • 11/17/2023 – Applied masking to nose cone. Hand painted one section of nose cone with Pactra #A1 Gloss Black Acrylic water soluble paint.
  • 11/18/2023 – Hand painted 2nd section of nose cone with Pactra #A1 Gloss Black. Removed masking and hand painted tip of nose cone with Pactra #A1 Gloss Black.
  • 11/29/2023 – Made a silver tape by painting white adhesive tape with Pactra Astro #A20 Comet Silver.