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Wild Child

WILDMAN Model # Description This kit is the Classic Wildman Rocket, scaled down to fly anywhere. Finally, an all fiberglass mid-power kit for the masses. The Wild Child weighs in at 1.2 lbs and will fly on E through I motors. Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 03/26/2011 – Purchased [ … ]

Project Pack

Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 03/26/2011 – Purchased Wildman Project Pack from Wildman for $100.00 (Retail $100.00) 11/05/2019 – Took pictures and scanned components. Measurements are on page 52 Book #4 11/08/2019 – Epoxied centering rings to forward and aft edges of motor mount tube. Sanded forward centering [ … ]

Jart 5″

WILDMAN Model # Description 5″ diameter with a 54mm motor mount it can fly almost anywhere on anything from H-K motors. Additional Information Length: 22″ Diameter: 5″ Motor Mount: 54mm Motors: H thru K Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 03/06/2013 – Purchased Wildman Jart 5″ from Wildman KY for $118.00 [ … ]

DarkStar Lite

WILDMAN Model # Description DarkStar Lite has a new lightweight spiral fiberglass tubing, lightweight 5-1 Von Karman fiberglass nosecone, 1/16″ fiberglass fins, birch plywood centring rings, Kevlar shock cord, 29mm fiberglass motor mount and 24″ Top Flight Nylon parachute. Additional Information Length: 43.5″ Width: 2.1″ Weight: 1.25 lbs. Motors: E [ … ]