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Wildman III Dual Deploy 3″


The original rocket lengthened to make room for dual deployment. This brute was designed to last and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Additional Information

  • Length: 70″
  • Diameter: 3″
  • Booster: 44″ Fiberglass
  • Parachute Bay: 22″ Fiberglass
  • Vent Band: 1.5″ Fiberglass
  • Nose Cone: Filament wound stepped aluminum tipped
  • Centering Rings: Fiberglass
  • AV Bay Lids: Fiberglass
  • Motor Mount: 54mm Fiberglass
  • Shock Cord: Kevlar & Nylon
  • Recovery: 22″ Parachute
  • All fiberglass construction.
  • Filament wound step0ped aluminum tipped fiberglass nose cone.
  • 54mm motor mount.

Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 11/11/2008 – Checked out parts after opening package. Printed out documentation file from CD. Epoxied eye bolt to electronics bay bulkhead and nose cone threads and nuts.
  • 11/12/2008 – Drilled two 1/4″ holes through both bulkhead assemblies.
  • 11/13/2008 – Attached threaded rod to one end of bulkhead using washer and nuts on both sides.
  • 11/14/2008 – Epoxied other side of bulkhead nuts in place with 5 minute epoxy. Marked electronics bay tube at 3″ and epoxied outside sleeve to tube with 2 hour epoxy.
  • 11/15/2008 – Drilled top bulkhead to electronics bay hole with 9/32″ bit to enlarge the holes slightly so the threaded rod will not bind in the holes. Sanded edge of bulk plate on electronics bay.
  • 09/01/20013 – Sanded nose cone shoulder and inside of fiberglass body in an effort to get the nose cone to fit. nose cone is still to tight in body tube.
  • 09/06/2013 – Epoxied forward and middle centering ring into body tube and applied fillets to one side.
  • 09/07/2013 – Applied epoxy fillets to other side of centering rings.
  • 09/08/2013 – Attached one side of harness to motor mount tube.
  • 0909/2013 – Attached other side of harness to motor mount tube. Used masking tape to temperately hold the harness end to the motor mount tube. Removed masking tape as epoxy cured.
  • 09/19/2013 – Epoxied two forward centering rings into sustainer tube.


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