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Sting Ray

Description The Stingray was designed by Brian McCarthy as one of the commemorative kits for NSL-2004. This Skill Level 3 kit gives you a canvas on which to create your very own retro-look deep space craft! Additional Information Length: 14.36″ Diameter: 0.976″ Fin Span: 8.22″ Weight: 1.1 oz Recovery: Parachute [ … ]

Triple Threat

Description This kit consists of three flying spacecraft, Athena, Persephone, and Odysseus. Additional Information Length: Persepone: 1.91″ Athena: 1.95″ Odysseus: 1.87″ Diameter: Persephone: 3.93″ Athena: 3.85″ Odysseus: 4.98″ Weight: ~0.75 oz each Recovery: Featherweight Recommended Engine: A10-0T Photo Gallery Build History 12/29/2003 – Purchased FlisKits Triple Threat from FlisKits for [ … ]

Richter Recker

Discription Super Roc based, 3 motor cluster, over 7 ft tall – it can only be the Richter Recker! This monster turns in way cool slow flights and comes down on two large chutes! You will have the tallest black powder powered rocket at the launch! Additional Information Length: 92.2″ [ … ]


Description A FlisKits original, the Praetor was designed as the pre-registration gift for the 1990 Pearl River Model Rocketry Convention. Flying on 18mm motors, this craft features slow and realistic liftoffs. We are only selling this as a two stage rocket – a departure from the past… Additional Information Length: [ … ]

Pheord X150

Description The Pheord X150 is the most popular saucer among the active set. With a pre-printed shroud and unique stick on fin covers, this is a simple and colorful rocket. Additional Information Height: 3.2″ Diameter: 0.736″ Width: 6.79″ Weight: 1.4 oz Recovery: Featherweight Recommended Engines: B6-0, C6-0 Photo Gallery Build [ … ]


Description This skill level 1 kit featuring laser cut fins and flying on 13mm motors will help build skills for more complex models. With two different fin shapes, the Over Drive presents different profiles from different angles. Ideal for small fields but capable of higher flights on A10 motors. Additional [ … ]


Description Small and light, the Flea is a simple rocket that can fly on 1/2A up to C motors! This will be a limited edition release and when they are gone, they are gone! It is also a good learning rocket where you cut the fins – but the shape [ … ]

Duces Wild

Model #CL002 Description A FlisKits classic! This is the most popular FlisKit, with a unique motor configuration that gives a very interesting smoke trail on the way up. One of the most fun cluster rockets ever! Additional Information Length: 22.2″ Diameter: 1.637″ Fin Span: 9.64″ Weight: 1.97 oz Recovery: Parachute [ … ]

Cougar 660

Description The Cougar 660 employs light weight, wind cheating design, 3 choices of competition fin designs and a record setting 6″ x 60″ competition streamer! Sporting a ling, narrow profile and low drag fin design, the Cougar 660 provides outstanding flights with incredible altitudes and air time to bring you [ … ]