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Month: January 2021

Ranger 24mm

Model #K-6 Description Lift those Big payloads off the pad with the powerful Astron Ranger. Perfect for launching and recovering those special instruments and specimens. Additional Information Length: 22.125″ Diameter: 1.325″ Weight: 1.6 oz. Recommended Motors: D12-5, D12-7 Instructions Photo Gallery Build History No build history is available for this [ … ]


Model #2062 Description Simple level 1 kit from Estes Well, this was easy to build. They’re not kidding when they mean level 1. The motor tube is encased in a plastic cage that acts as centering rings and fin alignment anchors all in one. Additional Information Length: 19.5″ Diameter: 1″ [ … ]


Model #7241 Description An 8 inch diameter spinning rocket! Futuristic and sci-fi! Low altitude flights for assured recovery! When a “unique recovery” rocket like this hits the market, the crowd goes wild! And this is a crowd pleaser for sure! Quin, as in five, precision laser cut wood pieces build [ … ]

Quad Runner

Model #5016 Description Smoke and fire! With a cluster of four rocket motors, the Quest Quad Runner is a smoke spewing rocket that will set your inner spirit free. Along with the dense column of smoke, the four engines belch forth a thunderous roar that will turn heads at any [ … ]

Patriot 4″ 54mm

Model # Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History Flights Data Location # Motor Comments 03/09/2014 Sod Farm BS78 I120 Nice and slow lift off. 04/26/2014 Sod Farm BS79 I120 Nice and slow lift off. 6/14/2014 Sod Farm BS81 I100 06/14/2014 Sod Farm BS81 J293 Good Flight. A bit of [ … ]

National Aerospace Plane

Model #2037 Description This model is based on a design concept of the proposed U.S. space flight plane. Take-offs and landings would be like those of conventional jet planes. However, speeds and altitudes would increase dramatically, making these planes capable of sub orbital flights. Additional Information Length: 26.5″ Diameter: 1.637″ [ … ]


Model #1612 Description Additional Information Length: 26″ Diameter: 1.15″ Weight: 2.64 oz. Decals: Self Adhesive Altitude: 1000′ Recovery: 14″ Parachute Recommended Motors: A6-4, B6-4, C6-3, C6-5 Instructions Photo Gallery Build History Flights Date Location # Motor Comments 11/17/2012 ADC Park BS62 C6-0/C6-7 Maiden flight of the model was perfect. Booster [ … ]

Meteor Masher

Model #2184 Description The Meteor Masher soars into the sky carrying three deep space cluster bombs. Slide action midsection releases three deep space cluster bombs at apogee, which have streamers attached for recovery Additional Information Length: 27″ Diameter: 1.33″ Weight: 4.0 oz. Fins: Die Cut Balsa Fins: Molded Plastic Altitude: [ … ]


Model #2065 Description Pro Series Rocket launches on a cluster of 24mm motors and returns on a 16″ Parachute. Additional Information Length: 50″ Diameter: 2.5″ Weight: 12.3 oz. Recovery: 16″ Parachute Altitude: 1000′ Recommended Motors: 3 x D12-7, 3 x E15-6, 3 x E15-8 Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 02/22/1996 [ … ]


Model #9708 Description This kit can be assembled quickly with a minimum of effort. The factory applied gold finish is very attractive. On the rocket range it’s lift-off and flight is exceptionally straight and steady. It performs best with an Estes F size 29mm black powder motor and also does [ … ]