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QUEST Model #1504 Description Bright, bold and rugged, the Astra III is one of our best selling rockets. Part of our QUICK KIT family it features a unique all molded plastic fin can assembly. It is a great kit with a one-piece molded fin unit. It requires a little more [ … ]


Quest #1007 Description Quest’s Commander Flying Model Rocket, is a skill level 1 model which is easy to assembly and flies on 18mm motors. Recovery is by a 24″ streamer. A good first kit for the modeler. Its fin arrangement is what sets it apart from its relatives in the [ … ]

Gamma Ray Payloader

QUEST model #2004 Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 09/05/2000 – Purchased Quest Gamma Ray Payloader from eHobbies for $5.94 (Retail $7.79). 01/17/2001 – Opened kit. Removed balsa fins from stock and sanded edges smooth. Glued end to adapter with plastic cement. Tied Kevlar to elastic cord. Marked yellow [ … ]

Micro Maxx Blackbird & Tomahawk

QUEST Model #5641 Description Ready-to-fly combo features micro versions of the classic SR-71 Blackbird and the SLCM Cruise Missile. Additional Information Tomahawk Length: 3.9″ Diameter: 0.43″ Altitude: 200′ Recovery: Streamer Recommended Motors: ⅛A0.3 NASA Blackbird Length: 4.8 Diameter: 0.28″ Altitude: 200′ Recovery: Streamer Recommended Motors: ⅛A0.3 Instructions Photo Gallery Build [ … ]

T-Minus 5

QUEST Model #5736 Description Quest K2 T-Minus 5 Ready to Fly Assortment – Bigger than the it’s little brother the K1, the Quest K2 has a parachute for recovery. The Quest K2 is also a ready to fly rocket that requires no assembly to fly. The recovery system is already [ … ]


QUEST Model #2014 Description In 1967 the X-15 experimental rocket-powered aircraft reached a record speed of Mach 6.72 at an altitude of 108 km. The X-15 program was a joint effort between NASA and USAF between 1959 and 1968. This joint program by NASA, the Air Force, the Navy, and [ … ]

HL-20 Lifting Body

QUEST Model #2008 Description This “lifting body” design was developed as a reuseable space vehicle. Now it’s gone from the drawing board to your flying field! Features pre-printed paper shroud?body and glide reccovery! Additional Information Length: 8.5″ Wing Span: 7.25″ Weight: 1.3 oz. Altitude: 600′ Recovery: 24″ Streamer Recommended Motors: [ … ]

Micro Maxx Little Joe II Set

QUEST Model #5611 Description: The completed model is MMX scale and is a mini copy of the real thing. It comes pre-assembled, painted and only requires a motor to fly. Additional Information Length: 5″ Altitude: 200′ Recommended Motors: ⅛A0.3 Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 08/14/2005 – Purchased Quest Little Joe [ … ]