Area 51 UFO (3)

QUEST Model #5642


Although this resembles Quest’s original Area-51 saucer, it varies slightly from the original. This is a SPEV (spare parts elimination vehicle) kit based on a crate of saucer tops that Quest found lying around. The bottom section is redesigned since the original parts were missing. Thus, although really simple to build, it is not RTF.

Additional Information

  • 09/05/2000 – Purchased Quest Area 51 UFO Saucer from eHobbies for $8.49 (Retail $12.99). This kit is RTF and requires no assembly therefore no additional build history is available.


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Build History

  • 09/05/2000 – Purchased Quest Area 51 from eHobbies for $8.49 (Retail $12.99)
  • 02/22/2014 – 10th Anniversary Prize.