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Deltie B

EDMONDS Model #84922-00007 Description This is a boost glider flown on low power B4-2 motors. The pop pod is the only actual rocket body but with no fins. The rest is all balsa for the glider body. Construction: The kit came with all the parts for the glider in 8 [ … ]

Deltie Thunder

VENUS Model #84922-00011 Description The Deltie Thunder is a single stage boost glider design. The glider is a triangle shape with a profile type fuselage that divides the triangle in the middle. The rocket booster hooks onto the glider at the nose of the glider and pulls it skyward. At [ … ]


Model #84922-00002 Description These kits are designed maximize your excitement and pride as you look skyward at what you built.The Rocket Launched Aircraft of the Edmonds Aerospace are designed to let you fly in ways you’ve never flown before. If you’re anew, young modeler, you’ll be able to see your [ … ]