Model #84922-00002


These kits are designed maximize your excitement and pride as you look skyward at what you built.
The Rocket Launched Aircraft of the Edmonds Aerospace are designed to let you fly in ways you’ve never flown before. If you’re a
new, young modeler, you’ll be able to see your very first construction project blast hundreds of feet into the sky with rocket speed,
then soar above your head for a minute or more, long enough for you to realize just what you’ve accomplished with your own two
If you’re an experienced modeler, you can fly the massive Thunder series models for a sensation unlike any other in model
aviation or model rocketry. If you’re the leader of a school or youth group, you can give your students an engrossing afternoon
together in the sunshine as they watch each other’s handiwork perform, because each flight is a little bit different.
The secret behind these aircraft is the technology of laser cutting. Whenever a model design requires precise angles or part
positioning to work, the computer-controlled laser lets me create accurate fits between pieces to guarantee that precision as you
build. That means you always end up with a model that doesn’t need special adjustment to fly correctly, even if you’re a brand new

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Build History

  • 02/23/2007 – Purchased Edmonds Deltie from ASP for $9.99 (Retail – $9.99)
  • 03/01/2007 Took pictures of package and contents. Scanned balsa parts and card.
  • 03/03/2007 – Recorded component measurements on page 64 Book #3.








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