Star Wars, Trade Federation Battleship

ESTES Rocket Model #1828


A flying scale model of Star Wars Trade Federation Battleship

Additional Information

  • Length: “
  • Diameter: “
  • Weight: oz.
  • Fins: Type of material
  • Recovery: Recovery device
  • Altitude: ‘
  • Recommended Motors:


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Build History

  • No purchase information is available for Estes #1828 Star Wars Trade Federation Battleship.
  • 12/29/1999 – Clay was inserted into the nose cone and the nose cone insert was super glued into the nose cone. A knot was tied into the end of the shock cord and pulled through the adapter slot and then fed through larger diameter body tube. The larger diameter body tube was super glued to the adapter. The smaller body tubes were connected together with a tube coupler an then the adapter. The locking ring was attached to smaller body tube away from the adapter. The shock cord tied to nose cone. This completes construction of Estes # 1828 Star Wars Trade Federation Battleship model rocket.