Star Wars, Star Destroyer

ESTES Rocket Model #2147


A Scale model of the Star Wars Star Destroyer

Additional Information

  • Length: “
  • Diameter: “
  • Weight: oz.
  • Fins: Type of material
  • Recovery: Recovery device
  • Altitude: ‘
  • Recommended Motors:


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Build History

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  • 12/30/1999 – A 1/8″ slot was cut into engine mount tube 1/2″ from end and the engine hook was inserted. The engine lock ring with notch was super glued to end of motor mount tube on end where hook is inserted. The tube coupler was used to connect the engine tube with the body tube. The plastic tube coupler rings were super glued to the body tube. Elastic shockcords (1/4″ x 30″) were used in place of the original and placed in the coupler ring with attachment. The shoeter body tube was super glued to the longer with the aide of the coupler. The plastic halves of the nose cone were cemented together and rhen two pieces of clay inserted. The shock cord was tied to nose cone. This completes construction of Estes #2147 Star Wars Star Destroyer model rocket.
  • 12/30/1999 – The Display legs were super glued together with the aide of the display nose cone. The fins were glued to the body tube. The launch lugs and bridge pieces were glued to body tube. The rear deck and ion engine nozzles were glued to display stand. Self adhesive decals were applied to model. Model is now complete totally.