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Star Wars, Sith Infiltrator (2)

ESTES Rocket Model #1829


This is the 2nd Star Wars Sith Infiltrator scale model.

Additional Information

  • Length: “
  • Diameter: “
  • Weight: oz.
  • Fins: Type of material
  • Recovery: Recovery device
  • Altitude: ‘
  • Recommended Motors:


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Build History

  • 09/14/2000 – Purchased Estes #1829 Star Wars Sith Infiltrator from K & B Toy Liquidators in Edinburg, IN for $4.99 (Retail $19.99. The kit was opened , the nose cone filled partially with clay and the base epoxied to the nose cone. The large end of the adapter was epoxied to one end of the small body tube while the other end was glued to the tube coupler. The second smaller body tube was glued to the other end of the tube coupler. A snap swivel wasplaced on the parachute shroud lines. This completes construction of Estes #1829 Star Wars Sith Infiltrator model rocket.