Wacky Wiggler (2)

ESTES Model #2182


Can you say WIGGLE?? The Wacky Wiggler will give you hours of rocket launching fun! Goes up as 1 rocket made of 7 plastic sections that are held together by string, and comes down, still intact though, as pieces! And that a launch system comes with it is just an added bonus! Easy to assemble and comes with all pre-colored parts. And the body tubes are a silver holographic pattern so is super shiny and easy to see in the sky!

Additional Information

  • Length: 17.6″
  • Diameter: 1.1″
  • Weight: 2.3 oz.
  • Altitude: 800′
  • Recovery: Break Apart
  • Recommended Motors:
    • B6-4, C6-5
  • Parts List
    • Green Prismatic Plaid Slotted Body Tube (BT-1090) – 31674
    • Green Prismatic Plaid Upper Body Tube (BT-1090) – 31676
    • Green Prismatic Plaid Body Tube Sections (5) – 31675
    • Blue Engine Mount Tube – 30331
    • Nase Cone (PNC-1090) – 60413)
    • Plastic Tube Coupler (6) – 60411)
    • Engine Hook – 35021
    • Braided Cord (1.5mm x 72″) – 60407
    • Decal Sheet 60408
    • Plastic Parts Set – 60412
      • Rear Engine Ring
      • Front Engine Ring
      • Engine Mount Section with Launch Lug Openings
      • Engine Mount Sections (2)
      • Fins (3)


Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 10/11/2004 – Purchased Estes #2182 Wacky Wiggler from Hobby Lobby for $6.19 (Retail $12.59).
  • 05/08/2020 – Took pictures of bag and then parts. Scanned components. Cemented pink plastic tube coupler inside each of the five body tube sections. Cemented engine mount section to engine mount tube. Cemented engine mount assembly into lower slotted body tube section. Cemented launch lug and fins into lower body tube section slots.
  • 05/09/2020 – Tied shock cord to nose cone and glued upper body tube to nose cone. Cemented body tube sections to tube coupler. Pulled shock cord through small hole in coupler then tied a knot 12″ from nose cone. Continued tying a knot every 12″ after attaching a body tube section. Applied self adhesive decals and took pictures of completed model. This completes construction of Estes Wacky Wiggler model rocket #2182.








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