Mongoose (2)

ESTES Model #2092


The Estes Mongoose is the perfect first time building and flying experience for a newbie who wants to try their hand at flying a two stage rocket.

A two stage rocket has two sections of the rocket with the engines stacked or staged one on top of the other. The lower or first stage contains a booster engine that kicks the rocket off the launch pad, and the upper or second stage has a standard engine inserted into it for extreme flight altitude.

Recovery is usually by parachute or streamer. The action is always hot when flying a staged rocket! The Mongoose can be flown as a single stage rocket or add a booster engine and watch this beast soar to astonishing heights of over 1,800 feet.

Additional Information

  • Length: 27″
  • Diameter: 0.98″
  • Weight: 1 oz.
  • Fins: Plastic
  • Decals: Self Adhesive
  • Altitude 1600′
  • Recommended Motors:
    • Single Stage: A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-5
    • Booster: B6-0, C6-0
    • Upper Stage: A8-5, B6-6, C6-7
  • Parts List
    • Body Tube – 31312
    • Nose Cone – 72404
    • Nose Cone Base – 72605
    • Launch Lug – 38175
    • Plastic Fin Unit (2) – 72405
    • Booster Body Tube – 31312
    • Green Adapter Rings (3) – 30164
    • Gray Engine Block Rings (2) – 30224
    • Yellow Reinforcement Ring – 30145-4
    • Blue Engine Mount Tubes (2) – 30326-1
    • Green Adapter Ring – 30165-2
    • Shock Cord – 38367
    • Parachute – 35801


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Build History

  • 07/20/2013 – Purchased Estes #2092 Mongoose from Hobby Lobby in Columbus, IN for $8.39 (Retail $13.99). Constructed booster and sustainer motor mounts as per instructions and glued them inside each fin can with cement for plastics. Attached the booster body tube to one of the fin cans. Cemented a sustainer ring to the other fin can and the the upper stage body tube. Applied self adhesive decals to booster and upper stage. This completes construction of Estes #2092 Mongoose 2-stage model rocket.