Gamma Ray Payloader

QUEST model #2004

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Build History

  • 09/05/2000 – Purchased Quest Gamma Ray Payloader from eHobbies for $5.94 (Retail $7.79).
  • 01/17/2001 – Opened kit. Removed balsa fins from stock and sanded edges smooth. Glued end to adapter with plastic cement. Tied Kevlar to elastic cord. Marked yellow motor tube with engine block and slit tube at mark for engine retainer clip. The engine block was glued to end of motor mount tube. The Kevlar cord was attached to engine block before gluing to end of motor mount tube.
  • 01/18/2001 – Cut out tube marking guide. Marked body tube. Glued fins in place.
  • 01/19/2001 – Filleted fin joints.
  • 01/20/2001 – Glued launch lug and launch lug standoff 3-1/2″ from aft end of body tube.
  • 09/24/2002 – Removed payload section from model and then painted it red with Krylon #2101 Cherry Red Gloss.
  • 10/06/2002 – Cut out self adhesive decals and applied to model. This completes construction of Quest Gamma Ray Payloader model #2004.