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Partizon PS II

ESTES Model #9701


29 mm motor mount! The Pro Series II line is up and running! The Partizon stands a massive 56 inches tall and can soar upwards of 1800 ft!

Superb is what the Partizon is! Introduced in 2011, the Pro Series II line features “big boy” toys!

The Partizon launches on composite motors and has through the wall fin mounting. An awesome feature to this series is the new quick release motor retention system (Motor Retainer Set – also sold separately). Though massive looking, the construction of this kit is not difficult. Building and finish work can easily be accomplished over a few days.

Sure to be a crowd pleaser, the Partizon is just waiting to be added to your collection!

Additional Information

  • Length: 56″
  • Diameter; 2.5″
  • Weight: 19.1 oz.
  • Fins: Laser Cut Plywood
  • Altitude: 1800′
  • Recovery: 24″ Nylon Parachute
  • Recommended Motors:
    • F26-6FJ, F50-6T, G40-7W, G80-7T


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Build History

  • 12/27/2013 – Purchased Estes Partizon PS II from Estes for $29.99 (Retail $69.99).
  • 01/03/2015 – Took pictures of package and components. took component measurements and recorded them oon pade 142 of Book #3. Streched green spacer ring and used it to epoxy centering rings to motor mount tube. Filleted centering ring joints. Checked position of fins from aft and center center rings and epoxied the center centering ring in place.
  • 01/04/2015 – Epoxied motor mount assembly into body tube with slots lined up with centering ring slits. Epoxied all three fins in place. Epoxied the coupler tubes to upper end of slotted body tube and one on other end of body tube. Filleted fin joints.
  • 01/05/2015 – Epoxied tube without coupler to body tube with slots and then the other body tube.
  • 01/06/2015 – Filleted on side of launch lugs and then the other side.
  • 01/08/2015 – Glued shock cord to shock cord mount and then inside body tube. Using J-B Weld, epoxied the plastic engine retainer to the aft end of motor mount tube. Tied the shock cord to the nose cone.