ESTES Model #7235


The Odyssey is a “gotta have” rocket! Well worth the time it will take to build, the Odyssey will blast off the launch pad and reach heights of over 900 feet when powered by a D12-5 engine.

Additional Information

  • Length: 22.7″
  • Diameter: 1.33″
  • Weight: 5 oz.
  • Wing Span: 11″
  • Fins: Laser Cut Wood
  • Decals: Waterslide
  • Altitude: 950′
  • Recovery: 18″ Parachute
  • Recommended Motors:
    • C11-3, D12-5


Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 11/29/2019 – Purchased Estes Odyssey from Estes for $10.50 (Retail $29.99).
  • 02/06/2020 – Opened package and photographed contents. Scanned contents of package. Make copy of template and cut them out. Marked motor mount tube at 3/4″, and 2-3/8″ from aft end. Glued split centering ring at 3/4″ mark and engine retainer next to centering ring. Glued engine block in forward end of motor mount tube against end of engine hook. Glued other centering ring even with front of tube.
  • 02/07/2020 – Sanded balsa fin sheet with 220 grit sandpaper. Removed pieced from sheet and sanded edges smooth. Glued tabs to fins. Rounded leading edge of balsa parts. Marked large body tube using guide template. Filleted centering ring to motor mount tube.
  • 07/23/2020 – Using larger body tube template, cut out slots.
  • 07/24/2020 – Marked main body tube using template M and extended line length of body tube. Glued body tube L to main body tube offset by 1/2″ from end and glued to larger body tube offset 1/4″ from end of large body tube.
  • 07/25/2020 – Removed N from white card stock and glued to back of large body tube around main body tube.
  • 07/26/2020 – Glued fins J, H and I into slots of large body tube. Tapered ends of main fins.
  • 07/27/2020 – Glued main fins through slots in large body tube and between smaller body tubes. Glued W 4″ from end of main body tube.
  • 07/28/2020 – Glued LL P onto each of 8 template lines onto 1-1/4″ side of body tube. Glued eight Z,s onto other end of body tube along same template lines. Cemented nose cone onto both ends of body tube.
  • 08/01/2020 – Cut wooden dowel rod into three 3″ pieces. Glued a solid disk 2-3/4″ form end. Glued a starred kisk 1-1/2″ from end. Marked body tube with BB template and glued AA at 1-1/4″ and 2-1/2″.
  • 08/03/2020 – Glued dowel assembly with solid and starred disks onto body tube X. This was done to all three body tubes. Disk T was glued 1″ from end. Disk H was glued 3/4″ form end and disk V was glued 1/2″ from end. All Y stuff was glued to star disk on the body tubes. The tail cone was cemented into the end of the main body tube.
  • 08/04/2020 – Glued completed S body tubes to fin. Glued completed L body tube onto body tube above main body tube. Glued shock cord to mount and inside main body tube by at least 2″. Stuffed nose cone with clay. Tied nose cone to shock cord.
  • 09/09/2023 – Sanded balsa parts with 120 & 220 grit sandpaper and entire rocket with 600 grit sandpaper. Wiped model with alcohol wiper. Spray painted entire model with Rust-o-leum #328373 High Gloss White.
  • 12/28/2023 – Cut decals from decal sheet and applied water slide decals to model rocket using photo card as guide.
  • 01/01/2024 – Hand painted Silver parts using Pactra Astro #AC-20 Silver Comet and photo card as guide. This completes construction of Estes #7235 Odyssey model rocket. Took picture of finished model rocket.