Phoenix Bird

ESTES Model #3024


Standing 2 feet tall, the Phoenix Bird is the perfect big kit for the beginning rocketeer. Simple construction gets this Bird to the launch pad in a hurry. Everything about this kit is cool! From its simple construction to the really neat self-stick decals, the Phoenix Bird launches on standard Estes engines and can reach 550 feet.

Additional Information

  • Length: 24″
  • Diameter: 1.32″
  • Weight: 2.8 oz.
  • Altitude: 550′
  • Recovery: 18″ Parachute
  • Recommended Motors:
    • Booster: B6-0, C6-0
    • Upper Stage: B6-6, C6-7


Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 12/27/2013 – Purchased Estes Phoenix Bird from Estes for $3.89 (Retail $23.99).
  • 03/29/2018 – Took pictures of package and components. Scanned parts and instructions.
  • 04/03/2018 – Measured components and recorded on page 24 Book #4.
  • 04/04/2018 – Made copy of tube marking guide and shock cord mount. Cut them out. Glued sub fin to tip of fin on all four fis. Marked slotted body tube with launch lug line using marking guide. Glued engine block into forward end of motor mount tube. Glued motor mount assembly into body tube. Glued all four fins into fin slots and onto the motor mount assembly. Filleted 2 of the 4 fin joints.
  • 04/05/2018 – Filleted remaining 2 fin joints. Glued on launch lug flush with aft end of body tube and other launch lug 10″ from aft end. Both launch lugs were glued along the launch lug reference line.
  • 04/06/2018 – Filleted launch lug joints. Glued shock cord to mount and then inside main body tube at least 2″ from the forward end of the body tube. Tied other end of shock cord to screw eyelet mounted in large bottom of tube adapter.
  • 04/07/2018 – Glued centering rings to both motor mount tubes.
  • 04/08/2018 – Filleted centering ring joints. glued fins onto booster and upper stage body tubes.
  • 04/09/2018 – Filleted fin joints. Glued motor mount tube assembly into booster and upper stage body tubes. filleted centering rings of both motor mount tubes. Glued the tube coupler midway into the booster tube. Glued launch lug 1-1/2″ from aft end of upper body tube.
  • 04/12/2018 – Glued shock cord to mount and then ~ 1-1/2″ inside forward end of body tube.
  • 04/13/2018 – Tied other end of shock cord to screw eye.
  • 09/17/2023 – Sanded balsa parts with 120 & 220 grit sandpaper and entire model with 600 grit sandpaper. Spray painted entire model with Rust-o-leum #328373 High Gloss White.
  • 09/27/2023 – Masked all of rocket except aft end of fins and body tube.
  • 09/28/2023 – Spray painted with Rust-o-leum #328374 High Gloss Black.
  • 12/12/2023 – Applied self adhesive foil decals to model. This completes construction of Estes #3024 Phoenix Bird model rocket. Took picture of finished model rocket.