Mega Mosquito

ESTES Model #1335


D & *E engine power and mini engine power too! Powered by a D12-3, D12-5, E9-4* or an E9-6*, the Mega Mosquito (Skill Level 2) can reach heights of 750 feet! That’s pretty amazing for a rocket that weighs over 5 ounces yet is simple to build.

And let’s not forget about the BONUS Mosquito (# ES1345) included. That’s the mini engine power of the kit. Standing just 3.8″ tall, the Mosquito will go 800 feet high! Please refer to Mosquito product listing for technical specifications. It might take an afternoon of your time but then it’s off to the flying field to “double” your fun!

Additional Information

  • Length: 18.6″
  • Diameter: 2.6″
  • Weight: 5.2oz.
  • Altitude: 800′
  • Recommended Motors:
    • D12-3, D12-5, E9-4, E9-6
  • Parts List
    • 085863 – Slotted Body Tube
    • 072080 – Plastic Nose Cone
    • Fins – Made from 3/16″ thick balsa stock (not stock item)
    • 038181 – 2 Launch Lugs
    • 031320 – Engine mount tube
    • 035022 – E engine mount hook
    • 032479 – Laser Cut Centering Ring
    • 032479 – Notched centering ring
    • 032479 – Centering Ring
    • 030160 – Black engine hook retainer ring
    • 038363 – Shock Cord
    • 035802 – Parachute
    • 035005 – Orange E to D engine spacer
    • 084445 – Shock cord mount
    • 066354 – Water Slide Decal


Build History

  • 12/27/2013 – Purchased Estes Mega Mosquito from Estes for $8.49 (Retail $32.79).
  • 12/2/2017 – Took pictures of package and parts. Scanned fins, decals and centering rings. Marked motor mount tube, installed engine retainer and aft centering ring. Installed ring holding engine retainer in place Did not install engine block.
  • 12/3/2017 – Epoxied second centering ring to motor mount tube. White glued outer fin covering over fin core. Glued first outer skin to second fin. It slid out of place. Stopped construction.
  • 1/7/2022 – Using original fin, traced three fins onto 3/16″ thick balsa sheet. Cut out each fin with razor knife and sanded each fin to shape with emery board. Widened fins slot in body tube to accommodate the thicker fin material.
  • 1/11/2022 – Applied yellow glue just above fin slots and installed motor mount.
  • 1/13/2022 – Epoxied rear centering ring body tube fillet.
  • 1/14/2022 – Epoxied forward centering ring body tube joint fillet. Sanded fin tabs to size that fit into the body tube slots. epoxied fins to motor mount tube. Epoxied 2 of the 3 fin body tube fillets.
  • 1/15/2022 – Applied epoxy fillet to last fin body tube joint.
  • 1/16/2022 – Using yellow glue, glued Launch lugs onto launch line reference line with one even with aft end and other 5 ” forward of aft end. Glued shock cord to mount and then inside forward end of body tube by 1-1/2″. Filleted one side of launch lug body tube joint. ( This kit included a regular size mosquito. Marked the body tube of this model for fin placement. Drew fin reference lines full length of body tube with a pencil.)
  • 1/17/2022 – Glued remaining 2 fin body tube fillet joints. ( On regular sized mosquito, glued all three fins to body tube along reference lines with yellow glue.) This completes construction. Only need to paint and decal model.
  • 03/02/2023 – Spray painted entire model with Rust-o-leum #249092 Gloss Sun Yellow.
  • 07/23/2023 – Masked model. Spray painted one fin and part of body tube around fin with Krylon #3926 Gloss Black Shimmer Metallic. Removed masking. Applied water slide decal. Took picture of finished model. This completes construction of Estes #1335 Mega Mosquito model rocket.