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Alpha III Starter Set

ESTES Model #1406

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  • 03/12/2005 – Purchased Estes Alpha III Starter Set at NARCON 2005 For $11.91 (Retail $24.99)
  • 09/19/1998 – Glued motor mount Assembly together and placed it inside the fin can. Glued top centering ring on to top of engine mount flush with tube. Attached shock cord to mout and then to black body tube. Glued launch lug flush with bottom of body tube. Filleted joints. Attached screw ee to nose cone. Assembled 12″ parachute and attached a snap swivel to shroud lines. Glued body tube over top centering ring and onto fin unit. Applied self adhesive decals. Attached shock cord to nose cone. This completes construction of Estes Alpha III model rocket #1406.