SR-71 Blackbird

ESTES Model #1942


Now you can build and fly the world’s fastest manned jet with the Estes SR-71 Blackbird flying model rocket kit. Building your own super sonic jet…now that sounds cool! With its midnight black color it looks so sleek you can’t help but be impressed. Did we mention it is a replica of the WORLD’S FASTEST JET! This is an absolute must own high performance rocket.

The SR-71 Blackbird is a scale model that includes authentic looking and highly detailed “Blackbird Skin”, plastic components (for durability), and water-slide decals to complete the stealthy look. The detailed instructions allow you to construct a flight-ready, very realistic SR-71 jet in just a few days. When flown on our standard engines, the Blackbird can easily top out at over 600 feet (183 m), yet returns softly on a huge 18 inch (46 cm), pre-assembled parachute.

Additional Information

  • Length: 19″
  • Diameter: 0.98″
  • Weight: 3.2 oz.
  • Fins: Laser Cut Balsa
  • Recovery: 18″ Parachute
  • Altitude: 600′
  • Recommended Motors;
    • B4-2
    • B6-2
    • B6-4


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Build History

  • 04/16/2004 – Purchased Estes #1942 SR-71 Blackbird from Hobby Lobby in Columbus, IN for $8.75 (Retail $17.98). No additional information is available for this model.