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Silver Mighty Mite

ESTES Model #1846


Like all Estes Mighty Mites you simply tie an orange nylon streamer onto the elastic shock cord and the rocket is ready for flight preparation. Both rockets had there motor retainer ring in place and there was an extra one in the kit.

The pre-assembled elastic shock cord is tied to the nose cone and is fed through a side port of the rocket and knotted to prevent if from pulling through the hole. These two rockets didn’t have a conduit (bubble) that hid the knot. It was recessed into the body of the rockets.

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Build History

  • 07/08/2000 – Purchased Silver Mighty Mite from HobbyLinc as a combo pack with Ninja Mighty Mite for $3.39 (Retail $4.89). Since this model is RTF, it does not require any additional build history.