ESTES Model #2123


This eggcellent kit includes a colorful set of self-stick decals that allow you to personalize your egg however you like. Two colorful parachutes (one 12 inch parachute and one 18 inch parachute) will ensure a slow and gentle landing of the egg holder and main rocket.

We also include an adapter so you can launch your rocket on Estes standard model rocket engines or remove the spacer and you can use our powerful Estes D and E model rocket engines to launch this rocket over 1,000 feet. The Eggscaliber is also great for science experiments! The Eggscaliber is an advanced skill level kit, which requires more skills in building and painting.

Additional Information

  • Length: 20″
  • Diameter: 1″
  • Weight: 2.6oz.
  • Recovery:
    • 12″ Parachute
    • 18″ Parachute
  • Fins: Laser Cut Wood
  • Decals: Self Adhesive
  • Altitude: 1700′
  • Recommended Motors:
    • Without Egg: B4-2, B6-2, C6-5, D12-3
    • With Egg: B4-2, B6-2, C6-3, C11-3, D12-3, E12-4


Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 04/21/2006 – Purchased Estes Eggscalber from HobbyLinc for $10.79 (Retail $16.98)
  • 04/29/2006 – Took pictures of package and contents. Scanned plans, fin, and picture card. Measured components and recorded on page 16, Book #3. Sanded fin edges with emery board. Measured 18mm engine mount tube at 2-1/2″ and 1″. Cut a 1/8″ slit at 2-1/2″ mark and inserted engine retainer hook. Glued engine block inside tube even with forward edge. Glued retainer ring at 1″ mark. Glued the notched centering ring on the forward edge of retainer hook. Glued the other centering ring against the mylar retainer ring. Filleted centering ring joints. Marked fin and launch lug reference lines on body tube. Made a 3-7/8″ mark along launch lug reference line along with a 9″ mark. Filleted launch lug joints.
  • 05/03/2006 – Applied a coat of Krylon Gloss Black spray paint.