QUEST Model #1007


21st century sport design is easy to build and fun to fly.

Plastic nose cone, die cut balsa fins and futuristic kit decals.

Includes Quest’s advanced design features: Kevlar Shock Cord System, Easy lock motor mount and Grippers Recovery System.

Additional Information

  • Length: 12.75″
  • Diameter: 0.787″
  • Weight: 1.0 oz.
  • Recovery: 2′ Streamer
  • Fin: Balsa
  • Recommended Motors:
    • A6-4, B6-4, C6-5


Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 01/03/1999 – Purchased Quest Commander from Joe’s Hobby Barn for $4.49 (Retail $4.99)
  • 03/12/2000 – Opened kit. Scanned decal, fins and nose cone. Assembled nose cone base to nose cone with Testors plastic cement.
  • 03/13/2000 – Marked engine tube for engine holder slot at mark made when engine block was laid next to forward end of motor tube. A 1/4″ mark was made from the forward end of the engine mount tube and a 1/8″ slit was made to accommodate the hook end of the engine holder. Kevlar cord was tied around the engine mount tube and then the Unit was glued into the body tube until it extends 1/4″ outside the body tube.
  • 03/14/2000 – Glued fins to body tube and filleted joints with Elmer’s Yellow Glue.
  • 03/15/2000 – Glued launch lug and filleted to body tube. Tied nose cone to elastic shock cord.
  • 06/08/2000 – Applied several coats of balsa filler and sanded between coats. Painted entire rocket with Krylon Gloss White #1501.
  • 07/30/2000 – Cut out and applied self adhesive decals. This completes construction of Quest Commander model rocket #1007.


08/09/2008ADC ParkBS23A6-4






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