Mini A Heli

ESTES Model #7272


(Formerly Skill Level 3)

Be ready to challenge your building skills with the Mini “A” Heli! A “competition ready helicopter recovery” rocket is joining the Estes line and will challenge your building skills to get the “blades” just right for a maximum duration descent of 45-60 seconds in dead air. Powered by an A10-3T, this rocket is just waiting to be added to your collection.

Additional Information

  • Length: 17″
  • Diameter: 0.54″
  • Rotor: 24.2″
  • Weight: 0.65 oz.
  • Fin: Laser Cut Wood
  • Recovery: Spin
  • Altitude: 400′
  • Recommended Motors:
    • A10-3T


Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 08/22/2018 – Purchased the model from Estes Industries for $14.99 (Retail – $14.99)
  • 11/15/2018 – Took pictures of package and components. Scanned several components. Measurements are on page 36 of Book #4
  • 01/23/2019 – Made copy of page 2 of instructions and cut out tube marking guide. Measured body tube as per instructions and cut off excess. Marked fin guide lines onto body tube BT-5. Marked the aft end of body tube at 1/2″ mark. Glued fins to body tube. Glued engine block into body tube using yellow spacer tube marked 3/8″ from aft end. Glued aft launch lug to fin/body tube joint.
  • 01/24/2019 – Glued forward launch lug 8″ from aft end.
  • 01/25/2019 – Cut off about 4″ of body tube using Estes tube cutting guide and Exacto knife.
  • 01/26/2019 – Glued blade hinge assembly hook together. Glued blade hinge to upper body tube.
  • 01/28/2019 – Glued third hinge to body tube. Applied CA to edges of hinge hook surfaces. Cut out of fiber material 3 blade reinforcement pieces. Glued hook pieces into blade slot. Placed 3 blade bend forming templates over blades and CA’d the bend gap. Used accelerant to speed set time of CA.
  • 01/29/2019 – Glued cloth reinforcement pieces to bottom of blade bases. Glued upper section to lower section so the blades lie between the fins.
  • 01/30/2019 – Cut dowel rod into 3 1/4″ pieces and inserted into holes to hold blades into holders.
  • 01/31/2019 – Punched 2 holes opposite each other 6″ from aft end to hold thread break line for blades.
  • 02/03/2019 – Placed a rubber band on each hinge for attachment to each of the three blades. This completed construction of the Apogee mini “A” helio roc model rocket #7272. Placed spare rubber bands in instruction folder pouch.







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