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  • Christmas Tree Pyramid

    Sunward Model #00 002 Description The Sunward E-G powered pyramid comes with laser cut balsa and plywood parts. This model was modified to look like a Christmas Tree with multi-colored Light Emitting Diodes affixed to the surface of the pyramid. Additional Information Dimensions: 9″ x 11″ Weight: 8.3 oz. Recovery: 18″ Parachute & Streamer Recommended…

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    Aerotech Apogee ASP BMS Binder Design Custom Aerospace Estes Rocketry FlisKits LOC_Precision Mad Cow Merlin Missiles NCR Performance Rocketry Polecat Aerospace Public Missiles QCR Quest Aerospace Red River Rocketry Rugged Rockets Semroc SkyPyrates Rocketry SpaceX Squirrel Works Starlight Sunward Venus Rocketry Wildman