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Hi Jinks

Model #1898 Description Ready to Fly right out of the box! No painting, gluing or building needed for this rocket means more time for FUN! Additional Information Length: 14.5″ Diameter: 0.98″ Weight: 1.5 oz Altitude: 1100′ Fins: Plastic Recovery: 12″ Parachute Recommended Motors: A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-5, C6-7 Instructions Photo [ … ]

Flying Saucer 38mm

Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History This model was purchased completely assembled therefore there is no assembly data available Flights Date Location # Motor Comments 07/17/2010 ADC Park BS42 G69N-P A single grain Aerotech Warp 9 End Burner that burned for 2 seconds. After the thrust phase the model [ … ]

Area 51

Model # Description Although this resembles Quest’s original Area-51 saucer, it varies slightly from the original. This is a SPEV (spare parts elimination vehicle) kit based on a crate of saucer tops that Quest found lying around. The bottom section is redesigned since the original parts were missing. Thus, although [ … ]


Model #2487 Description With it’s bright silver body tube and bright yellow nose cone and fins, the Helios is super easy to track in the sky. Assembly is as simple as sliding the fins into the fin can! Reaching altitudes of 550 feet, add the BT-60 Booster Accessory (2256) and [ … ]

Golf Ball Loft

Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History Flights Date Location # Motor Comments 04/11/2009 ADC Park BS29 C6-3 good flight. 04/11/2009 ADC Park BS29 B6-2 Better. 04/11/2009 ADC Park BS29 B6-2 Separation. 04/11/2009 ADC Park BS29 C6-3 C-Altitude. 04/11/2009 ADC Park BS29 B6-4 B-Duration. 04/11/2009 ADC Park BS29 E15-7W DQ’d


Model # Description The G3 is a bare-bones 3FNC dual-deploy kit with high-quality G10 fiberglass parts. No instructions were included with kit. Additional Information All of the flat G10 parts are 3/32″ thick. Length: Airframe: 22″ Payload and Booster: 44″ Motor Mount Tube: 12″ Coupler/AVBay: 6″ Diameter: 3″ Fins: 3 [ … ]

Flip Flyer

Model #2416 Description A couple of hours of your time and you’re off to the flying field with the dual recovery Flip Flyer! This time the rocket is the heli-blade recovery while the nose cone is the parachute! Hours of fun with this rocket! Additional Information Length: 19.2″ Diameter: 0.98″ [ … ]

Explorer Aquarius

Model #7253 Description The Explorer Aquarius is a master level kit that features a custom jig for perfect alignment assembly. Launched with an Estes D12-5 engine (sold separately), the Explorer Aquarius can fly higher than 700 feet! You’ll want to proudly display this show piece when it’s not on the [ … ]

36 D Squared

Model #2119 Description The Estes 36 D Squared has got the full package. Sleek, yet full body design, a payload section, laser cut fins and waterslide decals. This model rocket launches on a cluster of two D-class engines and is recovered by a 24 in. parachute. Additional Information Length: 36″ [ … ]