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Model #KV-65 Description The AMROCS Hawk was released in their first catalog in 1965. Upon first glance, it looks like the Estes Falcon and was heavily influenced by it. The changes were the elimination of 1/16” balsa to give it more strength and durability and changing to a metric body [ … ]


Model #XFS-MRK1 Description Additional Information Length: 19″ Diameter: 0.92″ Fin Span: 5.30″ Recovery: 14″ Parachute Recommended Motors: A8-3, B6-4, C6-5 Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 01/20/2009 – Purchased Semroc Penetrator from Semroc for $13.50 (Retail $13.50) 02/22/2014 – Donated kit to BluesGrass 10th Anniversary Raffle. Flights


Model #XES-K35 Description The perfect single stage high performance rocket for payload work of just fun flying. Long slender lines, landing shocks on each fin tip fie a futuristic look. See through payload section. Additional Information length: 16.2″ Diameter: 0.976″ Weight: 1.0 ozz. Recommended Motors: 1/2A6-2, A8-3, B6-4, B14-5, C6-5 [ … ]

SLS Aero-Dart

Model #KV-6 Description The Centuri Aero-Dart was introduced in the 1962 Catalog as the first member of the Centuri Large Scale Series. It was originally released as Centuri #KF-2 and was shipped via prepaid Parcel Post with instructions on how to order engines. The initial price was $6.95. The original [ … ]

Mars Lander

Model #KV-54 Description The Estes® Mars Lander was initially released in 1969. It was the first to use a functional shock absorbing landing gear. Following a trend to more complex model rockets, the Mars Lander was designed to challenge even more experienced modelers. Slow liftoff and low altitude made it [ … ]


Model #KV-22 Description The Recruiter was initially released in the 1967 Centuri Catalog. Its futuristic appearance included a “Gemini-styled” capsule cone and six “Redstone type” fins. It was reminiscent of several space rockets of the time without being a scale model of any of them. The Retro-Repro™ Recruiter™ is updated [ … ]

Little Joe II

Model #KS-3 Description The Estes Little Joe II was released in 1968 as a companion to the Saturn 1B. It shared the same 1/70 scale Apollo Capsule. The Little Joe II was Estes #K-30 and was introduced with a price of $2.75.The Retro-Repro™Little Joe II is a faithful reproduc-tion of [ … ]


Model #KV-53 Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 03/12/2005 – Purchased Semrock Batrok at NARCON 2005 for $9.00 (Retail $9.00). 01/12/2007 – Took pictures of package and components. Scanned components and traced fins on page 50 Book #3. 01/13/2007 – Tied black Kevlar cord around thrust ring and glued [ … ]

Lune R-1

Model #KV-35 Description Great sport rocket! The LUNE R-1 is easy to build and fun to fly. This kit features simplicity in construction, parachute recovery, and streamlined design. Capable of carrying small payloads in payload section. An ideal demonstration model, impressive in flight and recovery with large colorful chute. Complete [ … ]


Model #KV-16 Description The Semroc Javelin is an 18mm minimum diameter kit based on a 1965 Centuri design that is easy to build and flies great. The kit includes: ST-790 body tube Balsa nose cone 4 Balsa laser-cut fins Thrust ring 12″ plastic chute Kevlar/elastic shock cord combo Waterslide decals [ … ]