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Description Semroc’s cc:X-21 is a rocket glider that is a modernized version of the Centuri X-21. Here is the original description for the 1964 Centuri catalog: “Boost-glide aerospace vehicle! Exciting Performance! Advanced design! Plastic payload compartment! Controllable! Rocket powered flight straight up – hundreds of feet – then glide return [ … ]


Description The Semroc Vega was released in 1969 as the fifth Semroc kit. Designed to be a large rocket, the Vega was inspired by the early Estes Big Bertha. Since the Vega was the fifth kit, it was named after the fifth brightest star. The Vega aslo was the forerunner [ … ]


Description The Triton was designed in 1968 by George Corbett, Vice President of SemrocAstronautics as the first Semroc kit. Designed to be an entry level high performancemodel rocket, The Triton was about as simple as you could get. Using featherweightrecovery, the rocket was very light and capable of high altitudes. [ … ]


Description The Swift was introduced in 1968. The Semroc Swift was ans entry level kit modeled after the Estes Mark II and Centuri Micron. It did offer parachute recovery. The earliest models were shipped with an A6-3 motor to use to space the thrust ring and later to use for [ … ]

Space Plane

Description The Space Plane was originally sold in 1961 as the first mass-produced boost glider kit, Estes number K-3. It features some somewhat complex aspects to achieve the transition from boost to glide–spin tabs for rotational stability, and elevons locked in horizontal trim by the motor, which spits out enabling [ … ]

Snipe Hunter

Description The Centuri Snipe Hunter was released in 1967 as a see thru plastic payload single stage rocket with parachute recovery. The Snipe Hunter was first flown at the first international model rocket championships in Czechoslovakia. Over the years, the design changed several times. The earliest version had a BC-80 [ … ]

Sky Hook

Description The Sky Hook was introduced in 1963 in the August issue of Model Rocket News. The plans were included, but a complete kit was offered in the new products section. The Sky Hook was a durable sport rocket, using the BT-30 that had thicker walls than the later BT-20. [ … ]


Description The Rawhide was first released in 1966. The original rocket had a hardwood nose cone and later models migrated to balsa. The updated Rawhide used laser cut fins, balsa nose cone, and a streamer slightly wider to enhance visibility during recovery. The original rubber shock cord was replaced with [ … ]


Description The Micron was first released in 1963. The Retro-Repo Micron was updated with laser cut fins and balsa nose cone. The rubber shock cord was replace with an elastic cord and anchored with a Kevlar cord. Additional Information Length: 9.20″ Diameter: 0.76″ Weight: 0.40 oz. Fin: Balsa Fin Span: [ … ]

Mark II

Description The Carlisle Rock-A-Chute Mark II was initially released in 1957. The updated Mark II had laser cut fins, a balsa nose cone and a 12″ parachute (reduced from 18″). The rubber shock cord was replaced with an elastic cord and attached to the model with a Kevlar cord. Additional [ … ]