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SEMROC Model #KV-22


The Recruiter was initially released in the 1967 Centuri Catalog. Its futuristic appearance included a “Gemini-styled” capsule cone and six “Redstone type” fins. It was reminiscent of several space rockets of the time without being a scale model of any of them.

The Retro-Repro™ Recruiter™ is updated by using laser-cut fins instead of the original printed fin sheet. The fins are increased in thickness from 1/16″ to 3/32″ to make them less susceptible to breakage. The original balsa nose cone and body tube sizes are used. The parachute is smaller to reduce drift during recovery. The original rubber shock cord is replaced with an elastic cord for longer life. The original method of attaching the shock cord has been replaced by a Kevlar® cord for greater reliability.


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Build History

  • 01/20/2009 – Purchased Semroc Recruiter from Semroc for $22.00 (Retail $22.00).