Mars Lander

SEMROC Model #KV-54


The Estes® Mars Lander was initially released in 1969. It was the first to use a functional shock absorbing landing gear. Following a trend to more complex model rockets, the Mars Lander was designed to challenge even more experienced modelers. Slow liftoff and low altitude made it ideal for demonstration flights.

The Semroc Mars Lander™ is a faithful recreation of the original. It uses laser-cut balsa fins and laser-cut fiber parts instead of the original die-cut parts. The fiber is also thicker for sturdier construction. High gloss embossed wraps are provided for authentic looks of the original. A slightly larger chute is provided for longer life and a gentler recovery. A Kevlar® cord is provided for better shock cord retention.

Additional Information

  • Length: 12.4″
  • Diameter: 3.744″
  • Weight: 4.1 oz.
  • Fins: Balsa
  • Fin Span: 13.5″
  • Decals: Water Slide
  • Recovery: 20″ Parachute
  • Recommended Motors:
    • B4-2, B6-2, C6-3


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Build History

  • 01/20/2009 – Purchased Semroc Mars Lander from Semroc for $39.00 (Retail $39.00).
  • 02/22/2014 – Donated kit to BluesGrass 10th Anniversary Raffle.