SEMROC Model #KA-12


In 1973, Estes® Industries introduced a new line of six of “the zaniest flying freaks in the universe” called the Goonybirds. Wayne Kellner has been attributed as the primary creator of the line. All six kits featured a plastic nose cone, die-cut fins, quick-change mini-engine mount, parachute recovery, stick-on decals, and, of course, a unique, goofy design. Although they only had a two year run in production, they have been re-created by many as a tribute to the original designs. Fred Talasco, of, has kept the “Get Goony” concept alive in his very creative line.Bill Simon, Vice President of Estes® Industries during its formative years, recently posted some original sketches of early ideas for the Goonybirds on a rocketry forum. They were even more exciting than the original offering; more military, more “Mad Magazine,” more “grown-up.” That led to the Semroc Groonies™;Goonybirds that grew up. If they really “grew up,” not only would they need more grown-up themes, they would also have to be slightly bigger to fly reliably with available standard size engines, since the original mini-engine line selection has been reduced over the years. Returning to balsa nose cones and waterslide decals, along with upgrading to laser-cut balsa fins and Kevlar® shock cord mounts has improved the original line to make it even bette


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  • 01/20/2009 – Purchased Semroc Saki from Semroc for $18.50 (Retail $18.50).
  • 02/22/2014 – Donated kit to Bluesrocks 10th Anniversary Raffle.