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Little Joe II

SEMROC Model #KS-3


The Estes Little Joe II was released in 1968 as a companion to the Saturn 1B. It shared the same 1/70 scale Apollo Capsule. The Little Joe II was Estes #K-30 and was introduced with a price of $2.75.The Retro-Repro™Little Joe II is a faithful reproduc-tion of the original. It uses laser-cut balsa fin ribs and smooth finished balsa parts for ease of con-struction. Heavy embossed wraps are included like the original with a paint-ready glossy surface. Two 12” two-color parachutes are supplied along with a Kevlar® shock cord mount.


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Build History

  • 01/20/2009 – Purchased Semroc Little Joe II from Semroc for $21.00 (Retail $21.00).