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Month: October 2021


Model #7237 Description Powerful and fast, this spooky little kit really gets up and moves. You’ll need a good recovery team to retrieve her as she’ll reach 1,550 feet and more flight after flight with “D” engines. Dramatic recovery with big, 2″ wide bright orange tracking streamers. Additional Information Length: [ … ]


Model #1218 Description Perfect for your first payloader or second kit. Features large see-through payload/cargo section. Perfect for research work of all kinds. The recommended single stage payload vehicle for small biological projects. Additional Information Length: 16.75″ Diameter: 0.736″ Payload Diameter: 0.976″ Weight: 0.7 oz. Recovery: 12″ Parachute Recommended Motors: [ … ]


Model #3228 Description this scale model is a replica of the ground-to-ground ballistic missile developed at Peenemunde before and during World War II. This scale features “D” engine power, detailed plastic nose cone, and pre-shaped fins. This historic reporduction will be the attention-getter at your launch site and a handsome [ … ]


Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History Flights 06/15/1971 Don Dangler Waterloo, IN Motor – C6-0 Landed in corn field and not recovered. Lost Participants Joe Magginnis Ira Magginnis Kevin Dangler Scott Dangler

Mars Snooper

Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History Flights 06/15/1971 Location Don Dangler Waterloo, IN 82 Degrees Wind: 0mph Motor – C6-0 Parachute Failed. Nose Cone destroyed. Participants Joe Magginnis Kevin Dangler Scott Dangler Ira Magginnis


Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History Flights 12/25/1970 Back Yard Location – Walnut Street Waterloo, IN Maiden Flight Streamer Landed in clothes line across road


Description The Sandia Corporation did research for the Atomic Energy Commission in the 1950’s to develop nuclear weapons. The Sandhawk was one of the rockets used for this research. It was flown in single stage and two-stage configurations. This is the single stage version.A mid-power rocket for super-sized fun! Additional [ … ]

Space Shuttle

Descreption One of Centuri’a most spectacular kits. Both booster ship and piggyback shuttle glide back to earth after separating at apogee while the rocket booster pod returns separately by streamer. Detailed decal sheet with authentic marking, plastic cones, pre-cut balsa wings and fins plus spec sheet on the real ship [ … ]

Saturn 1B

Description Before there was the Saturn V, there was the Saturn 1B, the NASA test bed for Apollo flight hardware. Versions of the Apollo Command and Service Module, and the Lunar Module were all test flown on the Saturn 1B while the Saturn V was still in development. Even the [ … ]


Additional Information Instructions Photo Gallery Build History Flights 07/20/1971 Location – Rex’s Sister Field Motor – A5-4S Maiden Flight