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Star Wars Death Star

ESTES Model #2143


Flying Star Wars replica of Death Star

Additional Information

  • Length: 15.5″ with launch tube
  • Diameter: 5″
  • Weight: 3 oz.
  • Recommended Motors:
    • B6-2, C5-3, C6-3


Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 06/30/2000 – Purchased Estes Star Wars Death Star from K-B Liquidators in Edinburg, IN for $1.67 (Retail $9.99)
  • 12/30/1999 – Assembled engine mount. Cout out and sanded leading and trailing edges round. Glued the two body tubes together. Marked the launch lug line.
  • 12/31/1999 – Glued engine mount to aft end of slotted body tube. Glued all four fins into slots. carefully aligned each one 90 degrees to the body tube. Filleted all fin joints.
  • 10/31/2000 – Painted body tube, fins and launch lug with Krylon Gloss Black #1601.


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