Star Wars R2D2

ESTES Model #1823


A replica of Star Wars robot R2D2 flies on a C6-3.

Additional Information

  • Model came pre-assembled.


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Build History

  • 09/11/1999 – Purchased Estes Star Wars R2D2 form Big Lots in Seymour, IN for $9.99 (Retail $36.99). No further details are available for this model because this model is Ready-To-Fly as purchased.


09/09/2012ADC ParkBS60C5-3Good flight East of launch site. Recovery by Doug Branch. Thanks Doug.
06/08/2013Sod FarmBS68A8-3Good flight and easy recovery. Shock cord separated from body.
03/10/2017Sod FarmBS113C6-5

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