QUEST Model #1615


Futuristic looking model of the Quick Series.

Flights up to 1200′

Additional Information

  • Length: 18″
  • Diameter: 0.98″
  • Weight: 1.9oz.
  • Recovery: Streamer 1″ x 36″
  • Recommended Motors: A6-4, B6-4, C6-3


Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 06/22/2004 – Purchased Quest Pulsar from Hobbylinc for $7.19 (Retail $8.99)
  • 07/26/2004 -Opened kit. Scanned parts and took pictures. Measurements are on page 120 Book #2
  • 09/03/2004 – Cemented fins halves together around engine mount tube with one end of Kevlar cord ran through slot . Tied other end to white elastic shock cord. Cemented fins to fin can. Ran shock cord assembly through body tube and cemented body tube to top of fin can. Ran shock cord assembly through upper body tube and cemented to top of adaptor. Cemented the base of nose cone to the nose cone. Applied decals as per box pictures. Assembled rocket stand. This completes construction of Quest Pulsar model rocket #1615.


07/13/2008ADC ParkBS22C6-5nice flight

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