QUEST Model #2002


This research “sounding rocket” design is easy to assemble thanks to?plastic fins!

Additional Information

  • Length: 24.25″
  • Diameter: 1.378″
  • Weight: 2.44oz.
  • Plastic nose cone
  • Plastic fins
  • Altitude: 700′
  • Recovery: 12″ parachute
  • Recommended Motor:
    • B6-2, B6-4, C6-3, C6-5


Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 10/21/1999 – Purchased Quest Nike-K from Hobbylinc for $7.49 (Retail $10.49)
  • 01/12/2001 – Kit was opened and items were checked against parts list. The pieces were fit together without glue to test the assembly. A 1/8″ slit was made in one end of the engine mount tube (yellow) 1/4″ from forward edge. The engine clip was slightly bend and inserted into the slit and masking tape was applied to keep it in place. Attached the centering ring with the notch cut into the outside diameter was cemented over the retainer clip. The other centering ring was attached to the motor mount tube next to the forward end of the retainer clip. The motor mount assembly was cemented into the body tube. The Kevlar cord and elastic shock cord were tied together and the Kevlar was also tied to the orange plastic fin assembly. The fin assembly was cemented and pushed inside the larger body tube. The launch lug was cemented 6″ from the end of the fin assembly half way between fins. The nose cone and reducer were cemented to the payload tube. Tied shock cord to the reducer base.
  • 01/13/2001 – Filleted launch lug joints
  • 01/15/2001 – This completes construction of Quest Nike-K model rocket #2002. Note: 12″ parachute was not constructed due to extra parachutes already constructed.








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