QUEST Model #1614


Show your patriotic spirit with this red, white, and blue high flying kit.

Assembles in 15 to 45 minutes!

Quick Kit plastic motor mount & fin unit / Display stand / Self adhesive decals / 14″ parachute recovery.

Additional Information

  • Length: 25″
  • Diameter: 0.98″
  • Weight: 1.95 oz.
  • Altitude: 1,000′
  • Recommended Motors:
    • A6-4, B6-4, C6-3, C6-5


Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 02/25/2003 – Purchased Quest Apex from Hobbylinc for $7.29 (Retail $8.99)
  • 03/16/2003 – Model rocket #1614. Opened kit after taking pictures of box. Took pictures of contents
  • 03/17/2003 – Scanned decal, parts and plans. Tied Kevlar and white elastic cord together with a knot. Ties other end to the motor housing. Positioned slot in gray motor tube over tab in motor housing then cemented motor housing halves together. Pushing the white and yellow cords through the motor housing, then applied cement inside the lower body tube and inserted motor housing unit into the cement tightly securing the lower body tube to the housing unit. After the cement dried, pushed the cords back out the end of the lower body tube. Cemented the fins into the fin slots on the motor housing by applying cement to the fins. Cemented all four fins in place, checking for alignment. Applied glue inside the larger opening in the blue transition piece and inserted the base into the the cement to secure it to the transition piece. Applied cement inside the upper body tube and inserted the smaller end into it. When dry, tied the white elastic shock cord to the notch in the base of the transition. Applied the ring to the rear of the motor housing. Constructed the 14″ parachute next. applied the sex grippers over the holes in the six corners of the parachute. Tied one end of the shroud line through the hole then tied to adjacent hole. Did the same for the other two shroud lines. Looped a snap swivel through the shroud lines. Ajpplied self adhesive decals. Applied the brue stripe to the lower end of the lower body tube next to the motor housing joint. Applied the red stripe just above the transition joint and the blue stripe just below the forward edge of the upper body tube near nose cone. Applied the APEX decal to the middle of the lower body tube. Applied flag decal to both sides of fins opposite each other and applied white fin decals to other fins. This completes construction of the Quest APEX model rocket #1614.








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