AEROTECH Model #89016


Like the name implies, this rocket moves! If speed and altitude are what you’re after, then Cheetah is for you. Fly it with a wide variety of motors. A parachute brings this cat right back home. Our highest flying kit.

Additional Information

  • Length: 32″/81 cm
  • Diameter: 1.9″/4.7 cm
  • Nose Cone: 5:1 Ogive
  • Weight: 10oz
  • Fins: 3-Clipped delta with blunt trailing edge
  • Motor Mount: 29mm
  • Recovery System: 22″ Yellow Fabric Parachute
  • Recommended Motors:
    • RMS Motors: D15-4T, E18-7W, E11-5J, E28-7T, F24-7W, F12-5J, F39-9T, F35-8W, E16-7W, E23-8T, F40-10W, F22-7J, F52-8T, G53-7FJ, G64-10W, G71-10R, G76-10G
    • SU Motors: E15-4W, E30-4T, F32-4T, F20-4W, F23-4FJ, F25-6W, F26-6FJ, F27-4R, F42-4T, F50-6T, G38-7FJ, G40-7W, G77-7R, G78-7G, G79-7W, G80-10T
  • Parts List
    • Motor Adaptor Tube – 4-7/8″
    • Adaptor Rings – 1/2″
    • “E” Spacer Tube – 2-1/8″
    • Thrust Ring – 7/16″
    • Thrust Ring Flange – 1/16″
    • Motor Tube – 12″
    • Motor Hook
    • Fin-Lok Rings
    • Centering Rings – 1-25/32″
    • Fins
    • Cooling Mesh
    • Ejection Gas Baffle
    • Screw Eye
    • Shock Cord 6′
    • Body Tube – 22-3/4″
    • Launch Lugs
    • Nose Cone
    • Self Adhesive Decal Sheet
    • Parachute – 16″
    • “F” Spacer Tube – 1″


Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 04/09/1999 – Purchased model from Hobbylinc for $27.19 (Retail – $41.95)
  • 03/19/2002 – Checked parts list and all parts were there. Took pictures and downloaded them to computer. Measured motor tube at 7/8″, 2-15/16″, and 4-5/8″. Cut 1/4″ slot at 4-5/8″ mark parallel to center line. Fastened end of motor retainer tip into it. Slid one fin lok ring over motor tube to 7/8″ mark. Slid other fin lok ring up to 2-15/16″ mark. Test fit fins, removed them and epoxied rings to upper fin lok ring. Cut 1/4″ slits into upper edge of motor tube 90 degrees to each other and inserted cooling mesh. Epoxied baffle shoulder into upper end of tube. Epoxied thrust flange to thrust ring. Epoxied fin lok rings to body tube except the read edge of lower ring. Did not make motor adapter.
  • 03/20/2002 – Inserted screw eye into baffle and tied shock cord to it. Inserted motor tube assembly into slotted end of body tube. Set all fins into fin slots. Epoxied launch lugs to body tube.
  • 03/23/2002 – Epoxied upper centering ring joint.
  • 03/24/2002 – Attached parachute 1′ from nose cone on shock cord.
  • 04/05/2002 – Epoxy filleted all three fin/body tube and launch lug/body tube joints.
  • 04/06/2002 – Model is awaiting paint and decals.
  • 06/27/2003 – Cleaned model with dry rag and then spray painted it with Gray Primer.
  • 10/11/2003 – Sanded the primer with 400 grit sandpaper. The model was then cleaned with a dry shop rage, a damp sponge and dried with a towel. It was spray painted with Krylon #2101 Gloss Red.
  • 10/18/2003 – Cut out self adhesive decals. Trimmed excess material and aplied white decals to red body tube and fins. Took pictures of model. This completes construction of the Aerotech Cheetah Model Rocket #89016.


07/14/2007Hardin LandfillBS15E16-4WDidn’t act like a white lighting.
09/08/2007Hardin LandfillBS17F42-4TReally great flight.
09/08/2007Hardin LandfillBS17F23-7JReally great flight.
02/23/2008Hardin LandfillBS20F50-4TBlew top off motor.






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